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Gate Zero: One of the world’s first semi open world Bible video games is up on Steam

Gate Zero by Bible X is available for wishlist on Steam


April 26, 2023 – Game studio Bible X is pleased to share that their debut game GATE ZERO is available for wishlist on Steam. GATE ZERO is a story-rich Bible exploration game set in the fascinating time of 1st century Israel. Release date is set for 2024 whilst an early demo is already available for download.

About the game

Gate Zero takes you back in time to ancient Israel to uncover an age-old secret. Explore a fascinating historical world as you engage with events from the 1st century. Discover the history and culture of ancient Israel as you freely roam the streets of Jerusalem, Capernaum and surrounding areas, picking up missions and items along the way. Gather resources to help the locals and avoid danger by using your gear and stealth abilities. Unlock riddles after every mission to get one step closer to solving your grandmother's mystery.

  • Explore ancient Israel including well-known sites like Herod’s temple, the Mount of Olives, Garden of Gethsemane and the Lower City
  • Gather and craft resources to help the locals, use stealth to get out of sticky situations and solve missions along the way
  • Experience the Bible firsthand: Interact with familiar characters and get involved with their stories
  • Play solo or connect mobile phones to the PC and turn a single-player game into a unique couch co-op experience

Kickstarter campaign

Gate Zero is launching a Kickstarter campaign on May 16, 2023. The goal is to bring in enough funds to complete Release 1 out of four planned releases. The projected launch for Release 1 is 2024. Anyone interested in Gate Zero can become an Early Supporter by making a reservation at ahead of the Kickstarter launch.

About Bible X

Bible X is a game studio founded in 2020 as part of BCC Media STI. We strongly believe in the powerful medium of gaming and its role in engaging, educating and inspiring youth today. Our goal is take players back to the source and allow them to experience the message of Jesus in a modern and immersive way.

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