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Game launch: “Hey Google, play Voice Attorney”

Google and Bolverk Games launch the fully voice-controlled game “Voice Attorney” on the Nest Hub and Nest Hub Max.

Alex Perkins is your trusted partner at the firm. Their evidence helps you solve the cases.

Google and Bolverk Games are proud to announce the launch of the voice-controlled game “Voice Attorney” on the Nest Hub and Nest Hub Max. The game is already available and comes alive when you say, “Hey Google, play Voice Attorney.”

You are attorney Pax Cooper, defending your clients in four criminal cases. Thankfully, you are not alone: Your competent partner at the law firm, Alex Perkins, will help you as you work with them to examine the evidence, interrogate witnesses, and reconstruct the case.

Bolverk Games have delivered a complete and unique experience that:

  • Leverages a full cast of voice actors to breathe emotion and personality into the characters!

  • Has hours of playtime in what is probably the longest game on the Assistant platform!

  • Is one of the first narrative-driven visual novels on Google Assistant! 

  • Allows you to interrupt while the game is talking to raise objections and call witnesses out on their lies!

Google signed with the Danish game studio in late 2020 to develop the ambitious voice-controlled game for the Google Assistant platform.

“Developing this idea as a voice-controlled game was incredibly compelling for us since you embody a lawyer by doing the same thing lawyers do in court: talking and listening,” says Game Director at Bolverk Games, Jaime Monedero March.

Voice Attorney is a lengthy game with four cases you can indulge in.

It is the first time Bolverk Games has developed a game for Google, and the studio is looking forward to treading new ground in game development with the American tech company in the future.

“Working with Google has been very exciting: they gave us complete creative control over the game while also taking a really active part in the development, especially when it came to helping us leverage the complexity and possibilities of their voice recognition tech,” says Monedero March.

Bolverk Games is mainly a VR games studio but sometimes branches out into other new technologies in the gaming space, such as voice games and AR. Bolverk Games have been at the forefront of VR gaming tech since the earliest days and continue to impress.

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Copenhagen 15/3 2022