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The City Watch is enlisting overzealous GUARDS! from February 5th to 12th during the Steam Nextfest for the final round of testing for PC.

February 6th, 2024, Vancouver, Canada: GUARDS! commissioners Wylderzone today announce that they are opening the recruitment drive to as many citizens as possible. This bold new initiative invites everyone who has a passing interest in busting fantasy perps to play the demo from February 5th to 12th. Previous experience with police work is not necessary. 

After this, recruitment will cease until March 2024 when GUARDS! swaggers on to Steam.

To limit collateral damage during this time, GUARDS! HQ has limited access to a single district in New Alestead. Don't worry though, there are still plenty of crimes to thwart and you can expect to rescue hostages, destroy contraband, seize evidence and "subdue" perps.

GUARDS! first began enlisting cavalier fantasy cops when it began development back in March 2023. The co-op FPS brawler takes up to 4 players through the mean streets of a procedurally generated city vanquishing crime and helping (for the most part) its hapless citizens. GUARDS! must work together to survive the lethal streets of New Alestead and fight back to back in madcap physics based combat.

To join the GUARDS! recruitment drive on Steam, simply head on over to the store page [] before February 12th and play the demo.

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