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Big Boot Games teams up with third party partner to take METEORA back into development

Mumbai, India | 14th July, 2022 - Big Boot Games is pleased to announce that they have been approached by a third party partner and will be taking their upcoming indie title METEORA back into development. This means that the previously announced launch scheduled for July 14th has been canceled.'

After half a decade of work on METEORA, we're incredibly lucky and grateful to be offered 2 of the most sought after resources in game development - more money and time. We're really excited to get to take METEORA the extra mile before release and in the words of Shigeru Miyamoto "A delayed game is eventually good, but a rushed game is forever bad." We look forward to sharing more as development continues!'
- Aarti Gaur & Nairith Roy, Big Boot co-founders

Classic arcade action meets spectacular modern visuals in METEORA as players take control of a meteorite and fight for survival on perilous race tracks across a young, chaotic universe. Brave a supermassive black hole, destroy a planet, save a sun and race for survival in the free demo, available to play on Steam today!


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