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Freestyle Football (FSF) is an online soccer game developed by JOYCITY

Freestyle Football (FSF) is an online soccer game developed by JOYCITY, a well-known Korean game company with other titles such as Freestyle 2 and has seen many successful exports to China, America, Europe and more. Freestyle Football adopts a fashionable and flamboyant visual style, incorporating elements of street soccer and art soccer. Freestyle Football allows players to show your individuality and charm, and enjoy the fun of teamwork as well as individual brilliance. Freestyle Football is played in a 5 vs 5 format, including an A.I goalkeeper where individual players control one character instead of 11 seen in most football games.

  • Great amount of variety in character customisation with outfits, backpacks, gloves, shoes, face accessories and much more. Suit your character to your liking with endless customisation possibilities! Outfits also allow you to add stats to your characters such as dribbling speed, stamina, slide tackling, etc to further enhance your character.
  • Special characters with a unique background stories, architypes, body types, specialised outfits, animations and voice lines! Differentiate yourself with a special character!
  • Different game modes including a fast pace 4 vs 4, friendly and breakout where you can enjoy the game alone!
  • Club system where you can create or join clubs and interact with other players and form teams!
  • A card system that allows you to boost character attributes/stats and add special abilities.
  • A position system that allows players to pick from Forward, Midfield and Defence. The system goes into an intricate skill tree that will help players further diverse their experience to allow for a more immersed playing experience. This allows players to go into 4 unique secondary classes within their respective position that is specialised for their needs.
Secondary classes:

  • Shadow Striker (SS)
Shadow Strikers are all-arounders with comprehensive offensive abilities. They can make threatening mid-range shots.
  • Centre Forward (CF)
Centre Forward players possess both solid shooting and passing skills. They can help you score from anywhere in the centre.
  • Striker (ST)
Strikers are most accurate shooters near the goalposts.
  • Wing Forward (WF)
Wing Forward players charge into the opponent’s side with the fastest dribbling. They are specialised for dribbling charges or centering play.
  • Centre Midfield (CMF)
Centre midfielders are both ball controllers and passers with outstanding dribbling and shooting technique.
  • Attack Midfield (AMF)
Attack midfielders play the role of midfield in an offensive position. They can make deadly shots as the strongest mid-range kickers.
  • Defensive Midfield (DMF)
Defensive midfielders play the role of midfield in a defensive position. They are unmatched when it comes to man-to-man defence and ball blocking.
  • Side Midfield (SMF)
Side midfielders act as centering players who can cross the field with quick dribbling. They are also useful for close-range shots after 2:1 passes.
  • Centre Back (CB)
Centre back players are top tacklers who block the centre of the field. They frequently take control of the ball when defending.
  • Libero (LIB)
Libero players play a variety of roles, regardless of where they are on the field. They may be defenders, but they can also score goals with powerful shooting abilities.
  • Sweeper (SW)
Sweepers are defenders with the most stable defensive skills. With their outstanding reflexes, they are unlikely to fail at defence.
  • Wing Back (WB)
Wing back players are versatile players with powerful dribbling and passing abilities.
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