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Forget everything you thought you knew.

Cultist Simulator's Exile DLC is coming to iOS and Android!

Montpellier, France – October 22nd 2020: New world, new foes, new rules. Cultist Simulator's last and largest story add-on, the EXILE DLC, arrives on iOS and Android on November 3rd! It's almost as big as Cultist Simulator was at launch, and shatters and remakes all the rules you knew.

Its mobile launch coincides with a new comprehensive bundle, the Forbidden Bundle, which includes all DLCs: the Priest, the Dancer, the Ghoul and EXILE.

Europe, 1925. There's the invisible world... and then there's the invisible underworld. The reckoner mobs exist on the fringes of the possible. They traffic in the most precious commodity imaginable: life, apportioned and credited in the Cindered Tally of the Madrugad.

You were one of them. Now you're on the run, with nothing but the clothes on your back and a staggering fortune in borrowed years. The reckoner lord you betrayed is intent on extracting every heartbeat you've stolen - even if he has to track you across three continents.

Disappear into the mists of the Nameless Name of the Velvet... use your lethal loot to win favour and wealth and build a new life... or choose defiance, and attempt the impossible.


  • One new Legacy - Forget the long familiar path to ascension. Travel across Europe and beyond. Call in old markers. Plunder haunted places. Cut deals with strange Names. Escape in the nick of time.
  • Ten new Endings - Cunning; Patience; Agony; Obscurity; and that's not all. How will your flight end? What is victory, and what is defeat?
  • Thirty-three cities - Budapest in the strange days of the Hungarian Regency. Kaunas in the grip of the Iron Wolf. Drink tea with poets in Meshad, or absinthe with artists in Granada. Amber Rostock, Red Vienna. Alexandria, and the Invisible Serapeum. The last days of the Nizhny Great Fair. Marrakech, for Glory. And many more...
  • The Exile DLC will be available at $4.99 on November 3rd!

Upon purchase, the Exile Legacy is always available if you've been claimed in payment of a debt. You can also begin directly from the menu screen.

Expand your knowledge of the Hours with the Forbidden Bundle!

  • Get all 4 DLCs (Dancer, Priest, Ghoul and Exile) for $6.99 on November 3rd
  • Four new Legacies
  • Six new Ascensions
  • Ten new Endings
  • New mechanics to expand your experience and your cult

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