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For the first time, an Estonian VR game developer has received a Creative Europe MEDIA Programme grant

Tallinn, January 26, 2023

Virtual reality studio Maru VR Productions is the first Estonian company to receive support from the Creative Europe MEDIA Programme for game development. The maximum support of 150,000 euros was allocated for the development of "Bootstrap Island".

Even though the program has been open to Estonia for over 20 years, Maru VR is the first Estonian company to have successfully secured this grant. "We are very proud that we managed to get this support for the development of a virtual reality game, because VR is still in the early growth stages of the gaming industry. Considering the intense competition in the Creative Europe program, this is a big win for the Estonian VR community and also for the game development sector," said Maru VR's CEO Lilit Palmar.

"Bootstrap Island" is a Robinson Crusoe-style roguelike survival game set in the 17th century. Players find themselves shipwrecked on on a mysterious tropical island where they must quickly learn to adapt and survive: exploring for food, drink, weapons, making a fire, all the while encountering ferocious beasts and tribal natives.

“We are designing this game specifically for virtual reality, and focusing on creating immersive gameplay with a compelling narrative. Thanks to VR technology, players can experience the island we have created so believably, that they will feel like they have washed up on the shore of a classic adventure storybook", explained the game's Creative Director Rein Zobel.

Maru VR Productions has created more than 35 different VR experiences and games since 2016. Recent projects include "Kalevipoeg's Journey to Hell", "Fly around the TV Tower” and "Musical Journey”.

You can read more about Bootstrap Island at and wishlist the game on Steam:

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