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First major demo update for Solar Survivors adds new stage and additional content

November 16, 2023

Today, BoxFox Studios has released the first major update for their upcoming game, Solar Survivors: a roguelite shmup where bullet hell meets bullet heaven. Build the ultimate space fighter while exploring the new desert planet of Dust, and uncover clever strategies and hidden synergies with the powerful new Codex loadout and legendary loot.

Download the demo on Steam

Solar Survivors distills the deep strategy and progression of an RPG into quick, arcade-like sessions. Play as an elite pilot, deemed worthy of flying a Heaven class starship. Defend your theocracy, destroy the rebel armies, and prove your worth to the High Priests. Earn the honor of the gods, but stifle your pride, lest you be whipped.

  • Quick gameplay sessions, long road to mastery

  • Improvise unique builds from over 50 items, including 20 pieces of legendary loot

  • Customize your weapons to defeat enemies your way

  • Survive and overpower an onslaught of varied enemies and bosses

  • Earn crypto gold (the currency of the future) and use it to unlock new abilities and equipment

Watch the demo trailer here

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About BoxFox Studios

BoxFox Studios is dedicated to creating unique twists on familiar genres. We aim to respect the player's time and deliver high quality experiences.

Box, the studio's founder, started developing games as a hobby when he was ten years old. He shipped several cult classics before forming the studio.