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Eastasiasoft enters partnership with VGNYsoft to release exclusive physical catalog in North America

Eastasiasoft Limited Enters Partnership with VGNYsoft for Select Physical Titles

We are proud to announce that we have partnered with Hong Kong-based developer and publisher Eastasiasoft to offer distribution on select physical titles in the North American market.

This new lineup will be entirely different from their Asian-produced Limited Editions exclusively offered through Playasia and will not duplicate those titles. Instead, we will be focusing on a new segment specifically selected for our North American audience. While VGNYsoft will primarily manage the sale and distribution, Eastasiasoft will remain the publisher on these physical editions and handle much of their production.

Our venture with Eastasiasoft is a critical part of an ongoing effort to expand their operations in the Western market and allow more development partners to enjoy physical representation that would not be possible through their traditional channels. While Eastasiasoft already publishes dozens of games for North America across multiple platforms, a vast majority of these indie titles remain digital-only. As we aim to change that, VGNYsoft is well-positioned to help get these games into the hands of fans and collectors, with proven dependability in networking, marketing, fulfillment and customer service.

Soon, we will have much more to share about our first titles to be offered physically in the west through VGNYsoft, so be sure to stay tuned on social media, sign up for our newsletter and keep an eye on our website blog. We’re confident that you’ll find these to be compelling additions to your library, starting with a focus on some fresh physical releases for PS4 and PS5!

About Eastasiasoft

Eastasiasoft Limited is an independent, Hong Kong–based developer and publisher of interactive entertainment specializing in video games and related media. Founded in 2007, Eastasiasoft has published a diverse variety of titles in digital and physical format. Eastasiasoft is a licensed PlayStation, Nintendo Switch and Xbox One publisher. Some of Eastasiasoft’s recently licensed and published games are Moero Crystal H, Ghost Blade HD, Gunlord X, Sword & Fairy 6, Rainbow Skies, Rainbow Moon, and the Söldner-X franchise.

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About VGNYsoft

New York City-based VGNYsoft is an independent video game publisher/distributor as well as a specialty label dedicated to bringing indie games to the mass market through physical releases. Committed to integrating the fans' dedication to video-games culture, the company’s recent titles include: Wallachia: Reign of Dracula, Shmup Collection, and the upcoming Golden Force.

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