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Dragona: Fireborne Opens the Doors to the Item Mall for Epic Adventures

Warriors of Bartan now have access to a variety of unique items to enhance their abilities and face the malevolent dragon Jurtan.

São Paulo, Brazil — March 11, 2024 — IndigoWare, the developer behind the popular MMORPG Dragona: Fireborne, is thrilled to announce the launch of the Item Mall. This highly anticipated feature provides players with a selection of special items, cosmetics, and enhancements to elevate their experience in the cursed realm of Bartan.

What is the Item Mall? The Item Mall is an in-game virtual store where Dragona warriors can spend Dragona Coins, the game’s premium currency, to acquire a variety of items. From healing potions to majestic mounts, the Item Mall offers options for every taste.

Highlights of the Item Mall:

Special Mounts: Ride in style with exclusive mounts like the Fire Dragon or the Shadow Horse.
Costumes and Accessories: Customize your character with elegant outfits, imposing wings, and unique accessories.

Consumable Packs: Healing potions, teleport scrolls, and other essential adventure items.
Experience Boosters: Accelerate your progress with temporary experience boosters.
Customization Items: Change the appearance of your weapons and armor with unique skins.

IndigoWare’s developers plan to continuously expand the content, adding new items, seasonal events, and special promotions. Players can expect regular updates to keep the experience fresh and exciting.

About Dragona: Fireborne: Dragona: Fireborne is an immersive MMORPG that combines action, fantasy, and dragons. Players explore a vast world, battle epic monsters, and uncover ancient secrets. With its rich narrative and thrilling combat, Dragona: Fireborne captivates players worldwide.

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