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Do you have a fervor for drag racing? Imagine combining that thrill with the world of trucking. We've seamlessly blended these two realms to deliver an electrifying experience – presenting Truck Drag Racing Legends – just unveiled on Playstation! 🎮

Dive into the high-octane world of Truck Drag Racing Legends! As the master of the asphalt, you'll navigate through pulse-pounding drag races, confronting formidable opponents and pushing your skills to the limit. Customize your beast of a truck with jet engines and more, gaining a strategic advantage on the road. The tracks are unforgiving, the competition is fierce, and the glory is yours for the taking. Will you seize it?

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Date and Venue of Release: Iasi, Romania. January 2nd, 2024

Thrilling Drag Duels:
Prepare for a sensory overload as you dive headfirst into heart-pounding drag races that will push your skills to the absolute limit. Engage in high-speed duels against fierce opponents, with each race delivering a unique challenge and an exhilarating surge of adrenaline that will leave you craving more.

Customization Mastery:
Transform your truck into a racing masterpiece that reflects your unique style and provides a strategic edge on the asphalt battleground. From the ferocious roar of jet engines to the rugged resilience of reinforced bumpers, craft a personalized vehicle that not only dazzles the eyes but also dominates the competition with unmatched performance.

Boss Showdowns:
Ascend through the ranks and square off against relentless bosses in a battle for drag racing supremacy. Conquer these formidable adversaries to etch your name in the annals of drag racing history as the ultimate champion. Each encounter with a boss unveils a new tier of challenge, demanding skillful maneuvers and tactical brilliance to emerge victorious.

Thrilling Tracks with Unpredictable Twists:
Embark on a journey through a tapestry of challenging tracks, each woven with its own unique set of twists and turns. Push the boundaries of your skills as you navigate diverse environments that demand adaptability. Confront varying racing conditions head-on and conquer each track to etch your legacy as an indomitable drag racing legend.

Availability: "Truck Drag Racing Legends'' is currently announced on PlayStation. Stay vigilant for the eagerly awaited game launch on January 2nd. 

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