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Dive Announces Nifty Games as a Custom Analytics Client  

Dive’s custom analytics platform and expert hands-on team support brings bespoke insights to Nifty, fostering data-based decision-making, freeing time and resources to focus on building great games


14 July 2021 - New York, US - Dive, the unique custom analytics and liveOps platform built for the games industry, has today announced that Nifty Games, the creator of next-generation head-to-head quick session licensed sports mobile games such as NFL Clash, is using the Dive platform. Dive is working closely with their product, data and development teams to help polish their KPIs and extract actionable insights based on user behavior to continue iterating and improving their in-development titles.

For any developer, small or large, understanding how users interact with a game and its features is key to making it a success by creating a viable game economy that maximizes the lifetime value of players. The Dive Platform gives developers a new and innovative way to maximize the potential of their data, by combining a dedicated real data expert team with its analytics platform and integration tools. Data from a range of sources, including marketing channels, in-game data, revenue streams and player data are centralized in a single data warehouse allowing it to be cross-referenced and correlated. 


Dive’s data experts specialize in the gaming sector, and tailor the platform dashboards to meet the needs of each client, leaving them to focus on their games, without wasting time building complex and expensive data platforms and teams.


Dive’s one-of-a-kind approach starts with getting data in the format needed to deliver meaningful insights. Its world-class data experts collect, validate, catalogue and refine data, which is then used to build a custom live client-hosted data warehouse, dashboards and visualizations that solve specific problems for each developer. Once live, that data expert continues to support the team, evolving the analytics platform with the game to give new insights that improve games’ monetization and enable effective LiveOps.


“For early stage and mature game developers one of the biggest challenges is building the data platform needed to foster the game’s continuous improvement and increase LTV over time, without it taking away from what the primary focus should be - building the game,” said Elad Levy, CEO at Dive. “It can be an expensive and time-consuming distraction.  Every game has different needs, especially as they evolve, and that is why we created Dive.  Our platform is a first, combining a world class games data platform and ad-hoc expert consultancy, that allow us to offer a set of analytics tools and custom visualizations specifically designed to quickly start delivering behavior and game economy insight for developers of all sizes.”


“At Nifty Games data analysis has always been critical for developing our mobile sports games. Understanding how our players respond to the game features we create in real time is essential, “ said Jon Middleton, CEO at Nifty Games.  “As a partner with Nifty Games, The Dive team and platform has alleviated the challenges of managing and understanding our products’ data. Working with the Nifty Games product team, Dive has provided meaningful insights which have bettered our games iteratively. Dive is a fantastic product and partner, and allows us to focus on what we do best, creating better mobile sports games.”

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About Dive


Dive ( takes the complicated data problem from game developers and offers a custom-made solution to collect, validate and maximise its potential for improving their game economy and LiveOps. A company created by game industry veterans, who know the interlaced strands of game data management, the Dive platform is crafted and tailored to each client’s unique needs, combining a dedicated data expert team with advanced technology and integration tools. Dive’s solution can adapt and grow to always suit a game's ever-changing needs, and runs on a wide variety of platforms and technologies including mobile, web, PC, Roblox, NFT & Blockchain and Snapchat to name just a few.

Dive was founded in 2019, has a growing team of 20, and is running on more than 30 games around the globe.

Elad Levy Bio

Elad Levy is the Founder & CEO at Dive where he oversees the execution of the company’s vision to become a leader in custom analytics and LiveOps for insight and growth in the games industry. A 20-year veteran of the games industry and a seasoned entrepreneur, Mr. Levy previously co-founded Pacific Interactive and the category-defining game in the social casino space, “House of Fun,” acquired by Playtika, Ltd. in 2014. Following the acquisition, Mr. Levy joined the executive team at Playtika, leveraging the platform to scale “House of Fun” and playing an instrumental role in the eventual acquisition of Playtika by Giant Interactive, and then CIE (Caesars Interactive Entertainment) in 2016. 

About Nifty Games

Nifty Games, is a venture-funded games developer & publisher focused on quick session, head-to-head sports games for mobile devices. Nifty Games is a proud partner of the NBA, NFL, NBPA & NFLPA. The company is based in the San Francisco Bay Area, with offices in Los Angeles and Chicago. Learn more at