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Discover the Emotional Rollercoaster in 3D Roguelike Twin-stick Shooter about robots M.O.O.D.S. — Coming to Steam Early Access on July 29th

M.O.O.D.S. — Mechanical Organisms on Destructive Substances — futuristic roguelike shooter where you talk to bosses and joggle upgrades between weapons

StickyStone Studio, in collaboration with Erabit, the publisher behind hit roguelike titles like "20 Minutes Till Dawn" and "Brotato," is excited to launch the roguelite twin-stick shooter "M.O.O.D.S." into Steam Early Access on July 29th. Get ready to battle crazed robots with an array of futuristic guns in this action-packed adventure.

About the Game

M.O.O.D.S. transports players to a future where humans have abandoned Earth, leaving robots called “mechs” behind. With time, these mechs have evolved into self-aware entities and even created a civilization of robots. To emulate their creators, mechs develop the Moods Modules, enabling them to experience emotions. This newfound emotional capacity leads to the formation of hostile factions. Players will join a group of peaceful mechs on a mission to restore order by rebooting the mech lords, encountering friendly bots, and undertaking various quests along the way.

Key Features

M.O.O.D.S. combines dynamic roguelike gameplay with the fast-paced action of a twin-stick shooter. Players will engage in intense combat, utilizing a diverse arsenal of 12 futuristic weapons, including the Drone Squad and Photon Rifle. These weapons can be customized with 55 different Addins, which can be switched between a player's two weapons at any time, allowing for unique and powerful builds tailored to individual playstyles and adding flexibility and strategic depth to combat.

The game’s depth is further enhanced by its innovative boss interaction mechanics. M.O.O.D.S. introduces a groundbreaking feature where players can influence the combat styles of bosses through engaging dialogue choices. These interactions are more than just cosmetic—players can choose to provoke, negotiate, or even charm their adversaries, leading to dynamic and varied boss battles that adapt based on player decisions.

In addition to its rich gameplay mechanics, M.O.O.D.S. features emotional abilities and upgrades across five distinct classes. Each class, from Love's enemy control to Anger's berserk mode, offers skills that undergo significant transformations through upgrades. These upgrades provide more than just stat increases, they fundamentally alter how skills perform. For example, Sorrow's static mech-dog can evolve to learn abilities such as attacking enemies or pulling them closer, adding new layers of personalization to your combat approach.

Cooperative play is a major highlight of M.O.O.D.S., allowing up to four people to play on the same PC using controllers or remotely via Steam's Remote Play Together feature. This co-op mode not only increases the fun but also features mechanics like health sharing to revive fallen teammates, creating a sense of teamwork and camaraderie.

While you lose all Add-Ins and Ability Skills after death, the friendly bots you’ve met along the way will join you at your HQ in the old junkyard. Help them build workshops to upgrade your base and unlock new enhancements. Collect Consistent Currencies to unite your efforts and become stronger together.

Pricing and Launch Discount

M.O.O.D.S. will be available for purchase on Steam starting July 29th at a price of $9.99 USD. To celebrate the launch, players will enjoy a 10% discount during the first week of release.

Check out M.O.O.D.S. via Steam here.
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About StickyStone Studio

This is an indie studio from South-West Germany. It all started at the Offenburg University of Applied Sciences, where three students came together through their shared passion for games and modern media. In 2019, the debut title, the 3D puzzle adventure “Memorrha”, was released on Steam. Currently, they are working on a roguelike twin-stick shooter M.O.O.D.S..

About Erabit Studios

An indie game developer and publisher from Singapore. Established in 2022, they have an array of well-known PC titles like "20 Minutes Till Dawn", "Indies' Lies", and "Meta-Ghost: The Breaking Show", as well as successful mobile ports like "Brotato", "Star Survivor", and upcoming "Bounty of One".