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Devil’s Garden  – New Content Released in La Tale

Global – June, 2021

La Tale, a 2D side scroller MMORPG with anime-styled characters and story, complete Guild System Rework and New Nightmare Weapons - New weapons with a level requirement of 1800 are released with this update, along with a complete guild system rework to simplify joining guilds of all sorts. It also makes older weapons, such as Hell Weapons, easier to be upgraded to assist lower leveled users to upgrade their weapons faster. 

La Tale is updating many aspects with this new content such as new scenario quests that tells the story of the last of the seven Champions: Valdrick, easier difficulties on selected dungeons, and item upgrades such as Iceflower Charms, Asma’s Blushes, and Hell weapons.

Players can claim tons of gifts from our content events just by coming back to the game to start them off with their journey. Lower leveled players can also participate in our biggest leveling event: Ultra Burning event where it can assist them up to Lv. 1500! This ultimate leveling event will equip users with all equipment needed to be fully equipped to run dungeons more efficiently.

Like other MMORPGs, La Tale has many items to work with, including weapons, armor, accessories, special items, and pets. La Tale has both dungeons and fields where dungeons have a specific amount of entries per day while the fields can be farmed indefinitely. 

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