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'Deathwish Enforcers' is now out digitally on Nintendo Switch and PS4! 

This new IP is a loving homage to the 1991 hit SUNSET RIDERS.

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Take the trash to the curb! 


It's 1969, and an evil crime syndicate is trying to take over the streets of San Francisco. As part of the city's elite police force, the “Deathwish Enforcers,” it’s your duty to bring down the scum that litters your streets in any way possible! Take the fight off the streets and back to the syndicate's leader: Big Boss X! In this parody of classic action films of the ‘60s and ‘70s, venture through drug-filled streets, tame undead-filled cemeteries, take on biker gangs, and beat the crap out of criminals for power-ups in this gritty, non-stop blood bath from the creator of Insanity's Blade and Super Battle Princess Madelyn.




- 7 levels of arcade shooting mayhem!

- 4 elite squad members to choose from!

- Power up your weapon or destroy enemies with a special!

- Immerse yourself in the seedy underbelly of the city!

- Up to 4-player local co-op!

- Simplistic pick up and play arcade action!

- Get funked by the master of retro audio, Gryzor87!!


Review Keys and Interviews With Developers Are Available At Request:


 - Deathwish Enforcers Nintendo Switch | $22.99

 - Deathwish Enforcers PlayStation 4 | $22.99

- Deathwish Enforcers Physical Standard Editions | $34.99 

- Deathwish Enforcers Physical Collector’s Editions | $64.99