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"Dawn of Man"-inspired, The Ancients, brings turn-based prehistoric survival strategy to PC June 5

Grab your spears! Turn-based prehistoric survival strategy, The Ancients, will be releasing to Early Access June 5 to Steam, Epic & GOG. Developed by small Turkey-based indie studio GorillaSoftworks and published by Camlann Games.
The Ancients takes the core mechanics of real-time prehistorical survival strategy, Dawn of Man, and brings it to a unique turn-based experience, complete with deep skill tree, diverse wildlife, real Ice Age biomes and increasingly challenging migration routes to keep your survival skills honed.
We're hoping you might be interested in a preview before release.
Here's the trailer:
Some highlights:

  • A complete tutorial, campaign mode and procedurally generated sandbox mode for infinite replayability are available from Day 1 in the Early Access release
  • 60+ historically accurate resources & animals to discover, gather & hunt
  • 75+ research nodes and society paths to boost replayability and diversify your approach to managing your tribe & surviving the harsh Ice Age environments
  • Needs management mechanics will be familiar to survival fans 
  • Society management mechanics are new and unique to the genre, showcasing multiple decision paths with meaningful consequences

Quick Facts:

Early Access Release Date: June 5, 2024

Platforms: PC on Steam, Epic & GOG

Price: $19.99 (w/10% launch discount)

Game Modes: Single Player: Campaign Mode & procedurally generated Sandbox Mode

Steam Page: