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Crimson Company Raises $28.7k on Kickstarter

New competitive card game for iOS and Android

Munich, Germany –April 7, 2021– Due to the support of 1,025 backers, independent games developer Crimson Company raised $28.7k, 559% of its original goal, on Kickstarter last week.
This amount will be used to fund the production and development of their new competitive card game for iOS and Android.
Crimson Company’s third expansion “Wildwood Tales” will add 27 brand-new characters to the mix, and monthly seasons will be unlocked for the app.


  • Short but intense: 
  • Shared-deck system 
  • No pay to win
  • Economic strategy + tactical battles
  • Low on RNG, but highly replayable
  • Incredible depth No hands of cards
  • No unit-on-unit combat
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About Crimson Company

Dario and Fabian are professional video game designers based in Bavaria, Germany who love board games and competitive card games as well. The more they played games like Magic, Hearthstone, or Gwent, the more they got frustrated. Too many or too few lands in Magic. Ridiculous random effects in Hearthstone. And a stale meta of well-established decks and pre-determined matchups in all of those games. So they started looking for a solution. What they came up with after many iterations were Crimson Company! An easy-to-learn, but hard-to-master card game that is not pay-to-win at all and comes with high replayability while keeping individual matches self-contained, short and intense.