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Community-focussed creation platform YAHAHA launches thrilling partnership with pioneering marketplace CGTrader

A creator’s dream: Innovative no-code metaverse YAHAHA announces partnership with marketplace giant, CGTrader

  • New collaboration will see YAHAHA’s asset library grow by over 200,000 3D models 
  • Hangout Challenge event is underway, with prizes up to $5000 for creating on YAHAHA using CGTrader assets

13th September [Finland]: Community-first UGC metaverse, YAHAHA, has announced a new partnership with the world's most renowned 3D model marketplace, CGTrader. This collaboration has seen the addition of 200,000 3D model assets for users to access and create with on the YAHAHA platform. The partners recently launched the community Hangout Challenge, tasking creators with building a social space on YAHAHA’s platform for the chance to win up to $5000.

Due to its popularity in the creator and game developer community, it was imperative for YAHAHA to partner with a team that could cater to the needs of its user base while sharing the same core values. YAHAHA and CGTrader support a broad community of aspiring game developers and hobbyists with a keen interest in building and creating 3D content. The partnership enriches YAHAHA’s already extensive asset library, encouraging users to build with high-quality assets using its marketplace. Having worked with CGTrader in the past, YAHAHA knew it would be the perfect partnership, enabling both companies to utilise the power and talent of the over 85,000 designers to craft assets to create richer experiences.

YAHAHA, created by a team of Unity veterans, launched in Early Alpha earlier this year following the announcement of an impressive investment of $50million. With YAHAHA, developers can create their own games, worlds, and scenarios in a 3D space, all without the need for coding. No-code content creation that is as simple as drag and drop allows YAHAHA to lower the barriers of entry to game development, making it accessible to both novices and experts. As the user base of the platform continues to grow, Yahaha Studios continues to find partners that enrich the experience for its community of creators. 

Pengfei Zhang, COO at Yahaha Studios said: “Partnering with CGTrader is a very exciting step in the growth of the YAHAHA platform. CGTrader is such an important institution with a rich history in 3D model creation, and we know that working with them is going to be something that will benefit both our user bases. Our Hangout Challenge event has been a great success so far. Users can expect more challenges and events in the future - this is just the beginning!”

Celebrating its 10th anniversary this year, CGTrader comprises a team of 3D industry experts and encourages creators to build or buy 3D models that can be used in various industries, including games and metaverses. With over 1.5 million models in its marketplace, CGTrader is truly pioneering and one hundred percent designer-friendly. 

Evardas Šmulaitis, VP Marketplace at CGTrader, said: “Working with the team at Yahaha Studios has been great! They have really interesting ideas for the future of game development and this is shown by their investment in the partnership. The collaboration has been seamless through our similarities in fostering community, innovation in gaming, and building quality visuals. This is truly the start of something special.”

Both Yahaha Studios and CGTrader have ambitious plans for the future, including community challenges across both platforms. Looking forward, Yahaha Studios aims to partner with more creator-focussed companies, while CGTrader is looking to partner with more exciting enterprise users.

YAHAHA is currently looking for talented creators and developers to create on the platform as part of its Partner Creator programme. Visit to learn more about YAHAHA.


For more information, please contact Dimoso on behalf of Yahaha Studios 
Victor Gilhooly, Account Executive, 

Yahaha Studios was founded in 2020 by a pioneering group of Unity veterans, with a mission to democratise 3D games content creation and consumption. Establishing a pioneering world-class user-generated content (UGC) no-code creation platform for 3D interactive content, YAHAHA empowers both developers and players at all levels to build, publish, host, and operate multiplayer games. With one click publishing available for all to play, making games and content creation is easy and accessible to all.

Headquartered in Finland and with offices in Korea and China, the team holds a unique perspective on growth and prioritises inclusivity, diversity and innovation in an open culture. To extend the parameters of the gaming industry is no easy task, but with the billions of pieces of content emerging in various forms across the platform, YAHAHA is steadily gaining traction among creators. Supporting a virtual world with cutting edge technology, the YAHAHA community is building and serving millions of creators to reach their full potential.

YAHAHA is an organic ecosystem of user-generated content that seamlessly integrates reality and virtuality, providing a space that prioritises the freedom and limitless possibilities of creation. YAHAHA gives users the power of a game engine without the need to be a creative expert, with its low-code editor, ready-built asset library and all the tools needed to integrate 3D art and animation. With YAHAHA creators can generate multiplayer 3D interactive content quickly and easily.
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