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Command a Cute Crustacean Colony in Crab God’s Next Fest Demo

Your in-game actions can clean up our oceans!

5 June 2024 - Feeling crabby? Well, get those pincers prepared to explore the ocean depths in the latest demo for Crab God this Next Fest, June 10 - 17, ahead of the full launch on June 20. Become the guardian of a growing colony of Crablings as you help to bring forth the next almighty Crab God in this side-scuttling strategy game. Your actions in-game will have an impact on real-life oceans as you aid your Crablings through an increasingly challenging migration.

Make sure to tune into Wholesome Direct, IGN Live, and Games For Waves, where Crab God will be showcased in all of it's almighty glory!

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Crab God puts you in charge of curious Crablings who look to you as their new God. Can you successfully nurture them into the next generation of capable ocean caretakers? This tactical-yet-wholesome indie strategy game will task you with growing your colony and safely guiding them across the dangerous depths of the ocean. You’ll reintroduce a healthy and vibrant diversity to the ocean by assigning your Crablings to tasks such as foraging, farming, and of course, worshiping. Life for Crablings isn’t always this simple - with other sea life attacking and pollutants preventing your progress, you’ll have to defend the egg of your successor to ensure the colony lives on.

Players won’t just be safeguarding their virtual crab-itat. Thanks to an integration with, players’ in-game antics will directly aid in cleaning our oceans and protecting aquatic life. You’ll be making a splash for sustainability and safeguarding the sanctity of our seas.

Developer Chaos Theory Games is dedicated to creating games and experiences that enact positive change, with Crab God being no exception. Players will learn about oceanic wildlife and habitats as they play, discovering new flora and fauna, all while reveling in the knowledge that they’re doing their bit for the planet from the comfort of their computer.

Excited for players to dive into the demo, Nico King, Executive Creative Director at Chaos Theory said: “It's been a blast working on Crab God and we're so excited to share a glimpse of what we've created. Years of work has come together in a game that we are so proud to put our name to. Seeing players dive into Crab God for the first time is such a rewarding experience, and definitely one of the biggest highlights of being a developer. The demo is a taste of what's to come, and we can't wait to see everyone's reaction as we continue to mold Crab God into an unforgettable experience.

Crab God will be participating in Steam Next Fest from June 10 - 17, with the full game launching on PC via Steam on June 20. For more information, review keys or assets please contact Ethan Howe at


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