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Calling All Heroes to Prove Their Worth!

The Baite Studios Announces New Card Chronicles: Devious Deck Demo

Castrop-Rauxel, Germany (July 02, 2024) - The Tower of Legends, a monument to the bravery of the past, awaits a new hero to claim its powers. The Baite Studios is thrilled to announce a demo for Card Chronicles: Devious Deck, a unique blend of classic RPG, roguelike, and deckbuilder, coming to PC in late 2024. The demo will be available for download from July 13th via Steam.

Card Chronicles: Devious Deck throws players into a challenging yet rewarding gameplay experience, where every card played comes at the cost of the player's health points. As a hero seeking to claim the tower's powers and prove your worth, you'll collect cards, build unique decks, battle fierce monsters, avoid traps, and bend the rules - all while carefully managing your health.

This demo offers players the chance to experience the game's core mechanics and get a taste of its strategic depth and adventure. To celebrate the demo release, The Baite Studios has also commissioned a professional artist to redesign the game's key art, which will be unveiled prior to the demo launch.

For those eager to get an early look, a development build is currently available on This version is crucial for gathering player feedback, which will be incorporated into the final game to enhance the overall experience.

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