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Starward Industries breathes new life into Stanisław Lem’s best-selling novel with their retro-future thriller, coming to PC & new-gen consoles in 2022.

KRAKÓW, POLAND - OCTOBER 14, 2021 - Polish development studio, Starward Industries, has today unveiled the first teaser trailer for their single player sci-fi retro-future thriller, The Invincible, inspired by the best-selling novel from the brilliant science fiction author, Stanisław Lem.


Watch The Invincible trailer, here:


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The eerie teaser trailer introduces  Dr. Yasna and Astrogator Novik, The Invincible’s main characters, as they try to escape Regis III. Against the advice of the Astrogator, Yasna decides to take a bold step. Now she has to face the consequences of her actions.  


The Invincible is currently in development for PC and new-gen consoles using Unreal Engine. Set in a distant galaxy on the mysterious planet, Regis III, players will take on the role of scientist, Dr. Yasna, and can look forward to multiple story paths and endings in this cinematic adventure thriller.  


The story takes place in an alternative retro-future timeline, where digital technology has not been invented. Although humanity uses analog technology, it has conquered vast amounts of planets and ventured into many other galaxies thanks to it.


Find out more about The Invincible and follow its interactive and immersive storyline on the official website as it evolves each month:


Players are also encouraged to join The Invincible community on Steam, Facebook and Twitter.

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About Starward Industries

Starward Industries is a Krakow based development studio led by Marek Markuszewski. The team is a collective of accomplished AAA developers that have worked on the likes of: Cyberpunk 2077, The Witcher 3, Dying Light, Dead Island, and several other gamehold names. On a mission to develop more compact experiences that ooze quality but cover unique perspectives and intriguing topics, the studio is going to debut next year by bringing to life one of the best, yet long neglected, science fiction stories of all time. Their dream project, The Invincible, being an adaptation of the bestselling novel by Stanisław Lem in cooperation with the author’s estate, is currently in development for PC and new-gen consoles. For more information, please visit:


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