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Bullet-Time Shooter Sherwood Extreme Front Flips Out of Early Access April 29

Create maps with Level Editor mode for fresh ways to challenge friends and land trick shots

LOS ANGELES – April 1, 2024 – Sherwood Extremethe arcade crossbow shooter with bullet bolt-time and ridiculous co-op action from a former Sony Santa Monica developer now leading CAGE Studios, leaps parkour style into 1.0 on Monday, April 29, 2024.

Sherwood Extreme 1.0 adds a brand new Level Editor mode and brings back the fan-favorite Chicken Jetpack. Challenge friends and fellow community members by crafting creative new maps in the world of Sherwood. Build levels alone or in online co-op, as other archers can hop in during the design process to test and provide live feedback.

Robin Hood, Sherwood’s master of sharpshooting and parkour, must save the kingdom from an army of wacky goblins. Sprint across colorful environments, wreak havoc by chaining combos of slow-mo sniping, and soar to the top of the leaderboards.

Traverse castles, forests, volcanoes, and more, each filled with power-ups, traps, and secret unlockables. Unleash a chain-gun crossbow to shoot explosive barrels and blast into the air or grapple onto a mate’s shoulders for double the chainbow carnage. Eliminate scores of bobble-headed zombies in Horde Mode, surviving as long as possible.

Save feathery friends while performing crazy combo blitzes to earn extra points and unlock costumes, skins, weapons, skills, and the totally historically accurate Chicken Jetpack. Acrobatic archers can now design their own challenging courses to showcase cunning creations and speedrunning stunts, or hide easter eggs for only the most intrepid explorers to uncover.

“With 1.0, we’re ready for fans of Sherwood Extreme to showcase their best moments, both silly and skillful,” said Salaar Kohari, game director and co-founder of CAGE Studios. “With the addition of the Level Editor, we expect our creative community to flourish and craft intricate maps for new and returning archers to enjoy.” 

Sherwood Extreme 1.0 will launch Monday, April 29, 2024, on PC via Steam for $19.99, with support for English, Spanish, Portuguese, and Russian languages.

For more information, join Robin Hood’s band of heroes in the Sherwood Extreme Discord server, visit the CAGE Studios website, and search for #SherwoodExtreme on social media.

About CAGE Studios

Co-founded by Salaar Kohari and Gabriel Langlois, CAGE Studios previously created Sail and Sacrifice with Sherwood Extreme becoming its sophomore project. The team aims to develop games alongside their community with a focus on polished gameplay and artistic integrity. Together, CAGE Studios plans to continue to build colorful action games and a diverse team.

To learn more, visit the official website, join the Sherwood Extreme Discord server, and follow them on TikTokTwitter, and Instagram.

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