Press release

Bugvasion TD 

Bugvasion TD adding more languages

Bugvasion TD Update V1.025

Bugvasion TD received it’s first bigger update, we have added three new languages to the game: Russian, French and Hungarian, but many more are in the works.
We are also listening to our players and working on a lot of quality of life changes, fine tuning the balancing and making the game more fun in general. Right now our plan is to release new updates on a weekly basis and also to release a major update containing new gameplay mechanics and a visual overhaul by the end of April.

What is Bugvasion TD about?

If you enjoy tower defense and you would like to kill some time along with a few thousand possessed bugs then Bugvasion TD might be for you! With quirky visuals, colorful levels, intense gameplay and a humorous storyline BVTD aims to fill the gap between causal tower defense and complicated strategy games by giving a laid back but still tense experience.


Join the fight against Zardoz, leader of the alien race Zugrapoids. They came to earth to use mind control over all the bugs and insects and take over our planet. The first battle happens to take place in your house, you have to defend it room by room from all sorts of crawlers and flying enemies. Win this battle and make sure they don’t even think about moving to the next phase, exterminate the issue before it becomes a problem!


Who are we?

Full Screen Games is a division of Full Screen Studio, a small independent animation studio based in Budapest, Hungary. Our services as a studio include animations for tv shows, events, projection mapping, opening title designs etc. – but as we are all gamers we always wanted to try out ourselves as gamedevs, putting an emphasis on what we are really good at: looks and atmosphere. We worked for more than a year on a Lovecraftian style 2.5D adventure game just to realize that it’s out of our reach just yet, we had to re-evaluate our resources and possibilities and settle with a smaller but reasonable dream project that can be realized - and that’s Bugvasion TD.



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