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Brain Wave Study Shows that Using Cheats Makes Gamers Happy

To celebrate the release of Anno 1800’s Season 4 pass, game trainer software developer MegaDev, creators of PLITCH, conducted a study with leading neurotechnology group Brainamics to show the impact of their codes on users playing Anno 1800. The results? Activating a cheating tool like PLITCH increases players' fun during their gaming sessions by letting them tailor the game to their preferred playstyle and needs. 
Anno 1800 is a popular real-time strategy city-building simulation that features lots of micro-management and as a result — plenty of downtime. The Brainamics research investigated how PLITCH helps minimize the tedious elements of the game, which in turn enables its players to experience constantly fun gameplay rather than boredom and unhappiness. The study involved two groups playing Anno 1800, one played with PLITCH enabled and the other played without any help by external software.  
The results of the study show, with 98.5% confidence, that using PLITCH while playing Anno 1800 makes the game more exciting and the players are more satisfied during gameplay. This translated to an overall more enjoyable gaming experience. As can be seen in the images below, the brain wave activity for the group playing with cheats showed significantly less boredom compared to the control group that did not have codes activated. Overall, the results indicate that the PLITCH group had a more active and more positive gaming experience.

In the control group, 60% of the participants that like strategy games enjoyed Anno 1800, while 40% of the participants who listed action games as their favorite genre experienced boredom during their gameplay session. In the PLITCH group, all of the participants enjoyed the game regardless of their genre preference, and none of them were affected by strong boredom, as can be observed in the heatmap. On average, the PLITCH users had significantly more fun playing Anno 1800 with higher positivity and activity. 
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