Press release

"Blow Away Survivors," a Casual Roguelite Action Game with Dynamic Combat Using Physics Engine, to Full Release on July 4

July 1, 2024

MachHabaneroGames, an indie developer, is excited to announce the full release of "Blow Away Survivors," a casual roguelite action game featuring exhilarating combat driven by a physics engine. The game will officially launch on Steam on July 4, 2024.

During our release celebration, the game will be available at a 10% discount, priced at $4.49 (tax included) until July 19, down from its regular price of $4.99 (tax included). Please note that the price will increase to $7.99 (tax included) one month after release.

"Blow Away Survivors" allows players to actively engage in combat, launching attacks to blow away countless enemies in an exhilarating casual roguelite action experience.

Players take on the role of bounty hunters navigating stages filled with villains across the galaxy. Each stage consists of four rounds, starting with regular enemies in the first round, followed by powerful bosses and more enemies in the subsequent rounds. Rounds can be completed in as little as 1 to 2 minutes, with a maximum of 5 minutes.

Hunters level up by gaining experience from defeated enemies, acquiring and enhancing skills. Additionally, weapon customization with dropped items allows players to create their own unique builds, ensuring enjoyable strategic and active combat experiences in short play sessions.

Dynamic Combat Experience Leveraging Physics Engine

Enemies possess a stability parameter that decreases with each attack. When stability reaches zero, enemies are knocked down, allowing hunters to deliver unique attacks that launch them. Launched enemies can collide with others, akin to bowling pins, enhancing the satisfaction of actively engaging in combat. In addition to skills that trigger in conjunction with attacks, "Blow Away Survivors" offers an overwhelming combat experience characteristic of Vampire Survivors-inspired gameplay.

Diverse Hunters with Simple Controls

Hunter controls are straightforward: use the left stick on the gamepad for movement and three buttons for attacking and evading. There are two attack buttons: rapid pressing triggers consecutive attacks, pressing while moving the left stick triggers strong attacks, and pressing after evading triggers evasion attacks. Each hunter features unique motions and characteristics for these attacks, offering varied combat styles. Skills and weapon customization further enhance individuality, allowing players to build their own unique hunters and enjoy the thrill of active combat.

A Plethora of Skills Leveraging Active Play and Physics Engine

"Blow Away Survivors" boasts over 50 skills triggered by actions such as attacking, evading, and moving, enabling players to choose when to activate them and enhancing the game's active gameplay. Unique skills utilizing the physics engine, such as pulling launched enemies with rubber or absorbing surrounding enemies, further amplify the excitement of each attack.


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