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​​​​​​​Firesquid showcases the characters and dynamic combat mechanics

Paris, France, December 8th, 2023 – French publisher Firesquid has released a new trailer for its upcoming tactical-RPG Blade Prince Academy today. The video focuses on introducing three of the main playable characters, as well as giving an introduction to the core gameplay mechanics. The game is planned to be released in 2024 on PC via Steam
Blade Prince Academy - Characters trailer
The three characters showcased are: Phoebos, "The Wonder Child” wielding dual swords and unleashing area damage. O’ren, "The Deadly Sniper" skillfully targeting single or multiple aligned enemies. Finally, Diamante "The Elemental Mage", is a formidable sorceress harnessing ice to either injure or immobilize her enemies with chilling precision.

Blade Prince Academy features a mix of real-time with pause strategy and action combat and is set in a fictional anime-inspired universe. Players lead a group of Blade Princes from the Academy through the treacherous city of Abjectalia, which the students have to defend from perils.

In combat, players unleash powerful combos combining attacks and abilities, with each character in the squad being unique in their strengths and weaknesses. Building relationships between the characters is important for the mission's success and the game features pacts and talent trees for skill and ability enhancement. Players will face challenging bosses, requiring complete mastery of the combat system to prevail.

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About Firesquid
Firesquid is a developer-focused publisher helping teams realize their vision. We form deep and trust-based relationships with our partners. Firesquid aims to create a catalog of strategy titles that modernize and revisit the genre, while delighting our players the world over.

About Angel Corp 
Angel Corp is the studio developing Blade Prince Academy. It is a French transmedia studio expert in game development and book publishing. We already released books and novels in the game's universe, Tenebrae.