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Arknights Introduces the “Who Is Real Rerun” and “Phantom and Crimson Solitaire” Event with Rogue-Like Mode, Operators, Outfits, and More

July 14th, 2022 - Shanghai, China - Strategic mobile RPG Arknights introduces a new rogue-like event that focuses on Rhodes Island personnel entering the former Gallic territory of Celaiblason to search for the missing Phantom. It also focuses on an adventure into an abandoned, Gothic-styled castle that belongs to the notorious Crimson Troupe. A Rerun event “Who Is Real” is also back for a limited time. New rewards, operators, and outfits are released in this patch.
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About Phantom and Crimson Solitaire
Players will lead the squad in search of the missing Phantom through a series of battles and random events. Every time players set foot into the castle will be a new exploration. Whether they win or lose, the recruited Operators and earned collectibles and currency will all be converted into Candles and Caliginous Insight. Candles can be used to level up the Castle Note and unlock rewards. Caliginous Insight can be consumed to permanently boost the capability in castle exploration. Operator Shalem, exclusive to this theme, can occasionally appear via “Temporary Recruitment” before he becomes your formal operator.
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About Who Is Real Rerun
The Rerun event will be open from July 14th to July 28th. Players can obtain event rewards by clearing event stages, completing event missions, and redeeming from the event shop.
Arknights x Nine-Colored Deer Collaboration Event: Display of Auspices will also be available. Players can participate in the limited-time login event to obtain Operator Nine-Colored Deer.
Check out the Animation PV of Who Is Real Rerun:
Check out the Official Trailer of the Collaboration Event:

New Operators
5-star Operator: Shalem is Arts Protector Defender who specializes in damage output and defense. His first skill could shorten his attack interval and attack multiple enemies. His second skill increases his attack range and attacks multiple hits to random enemies within that range. Shalem could not only tank enemy attacks but also punish them with powerful melee Arts attacks.
New and Re-Edition Store Items
The event launches a new outfit “0011 Collection - Dusk Wisteria” for Operator Lava the Purgatory. 0011 Collection Re-Edition for Ch’en, Swire, and Liskarm is back in store again. A Re-Edition Furniture Set, Tan-Ch’ing Court is available during the event. Limited-time Headhunting “Celebrate & Recollect” is open and the player’s first 6-star Operator obtained is guaranteed to be an unowned 6-star Operator from the pool. Be sure to give it a shot and good luck with your rolls.
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