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Apogee Entertainment Publishing Rise of the Triad Remastered on PC, Consoles in 2022

3D Realms Passes Publishing Rights to Apogee Entertainment, Inc.

AALBORG, Denmark — January 20, 2022 — Rise of the Triad Remastered, a rebuilt version of the 1995 classic announced at 3D Realms’ Realms Deep 2020 digital event, will now be published by Apogee Entertainment, Inc. when it releases later this year on PC, Xbox One, PlayStation 4 and Nintendo Switch. 
The original Rise of the Triad helped iterate on first-person shooters in ways still felt to this day. Then known as Apogee Software, the ambitious developers exhibited a wild willingness to experiment. With five distinct playable characters, complex maps embracing verticality, and an arsenal of bullet, missile, and magical weapons, shooter fans had a chaotic chemistry set at their disposal.
Apogee Software revisited Rise of the Triad in 2013, creating a remake alongside developer Slipgate Ironworks (formerly known as Interceptor Entertainment). Rise of the Triad 2013 modernized the adventure in Unreal Engine 3 but stayed true to the original’s spirit with fast movement, non-linear level design with tons of secrets, and multiple playable characters.
Digital preservation of classic games grows more important by the day. As such, 3D Realms and Apogee Entertainment originally planned to co-publish a remaster of the 1995 version. Over the past year, both parties agreed that since Apogee had published the 2013 remake, it made the most sense to pass the torch back to Apogee.
Fans of the franchise can rest assured that the continued development of the project is in good hands. The core of the action-packed shooter shall remain intact while introducing modern features like wide-screen, mouselook, revamped multiplayer and more later this year on PC, Xbox One, PlayStation 4 and Nintendo Switch. 
“While there’s a special place in our heart for Rise of the Triad, we know it's in good hands with our friends at Apogee Entertainment,” said Frederik Schreiber, CEO at 3D Realms. “While we never mind having to drag out a CRT monitor to play old favorites, we hope this release helps new players experience this classic.”
About 3D Realms
Founded 30 years ago, 3D Realms was the publisher, developer, and creator of many legendary gaming franchises, most still going strong: Wolfenstein 3DDuke NukemShadow WarriorMax Payne, and Prey.
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About Apogee Entertainment, Inc.
Apogee Software’s pioneering journey began in 1987, when Scott Miller decided to split his new game, Kingdom of Kroz, into three episodes, with the first episode available as free shareware. The “Apogee model” of distribution revolutionized PC gaming at the time and catapulted Apogee Software to global renown. As an indie publisher, Apogee (and it's later incarnation, 3D Realms) would introduce the world to id Software, Remedy Entertainment, Parallax Software, and other video game superstars in the making. As a developer, Apogee would innovate and inspire in equal measure, creating treasured characters and franchises like Duke Nukem, Shadow Warrior, and Prey en route to earning over a billion dollars in commercial revenue.
The new Apogee Entertainment, with founder Scott Miller and longtime partner Terry Nagy at the helm, will empower today’s incredibly talented indie developers, paving the way for their global success with innovative ideas, cutting-edge marketing, and the same fearlessness that changed the industry.
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