Press release

Announcing Cubed and Dangerous, a new bullet-hell action roguelike from Ace High Arcade.

Santa Monica, California - May 3, 2024 - Ace High Arcade has officially announced their new game "Cubed and Dangerous" (releasing in Q3 2024) with a brand new teaser-trailer, and a demo release right around the corner.

About Cubed and Dangerous

Cubed and Dangerous is a charming and stylized twin-stick shooter that seamlessly merges action RPG mechanics with the perma-death roguelike format.

- Intense twin-stick bullet-hell action
- Roguelike mechanics and progression
- Over 100+ items with procedurally generated properties
- Enemy behavior systems that adapt to dynamically generated levels
- Emergent encounters and experiences at the core its design

About Ace High Arcade

Formed by two friends based in California embarking on their first small studio project, Ace High Arcade strives to build games with strong design principles and a focus on emergent experiences.

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