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Announcing College Basketball Manager!

Now officially announcing: College Basketball Manager! In CBM, you’ll have control over every aspect of your college basketball program. Recruit the stars that fit your scheme, develop them how you see fit, implement a strong gameplan, and see your legacy grow as you win championships!


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Embark on the ultimate college basketball coaching journey with College Basketball Manager. This groundbreaking management game allows you to take control of your favorite school's basketball program, whether you're starting small and aiming for the top or stepping into the shoes of your beloved college team to forge a legacy that spans decades. Merge the excitement of college basketball with strategic gameplay tailored to your coaching style. Recruit the next generation of basketball stars, guide your team to tournament glory, and shape your coaching legacy with critical decisions both on and off the virtual court. Manage practices, strategize gameplay, schedule games, run practices, and manage your staff to create a powerhouse. With extensive customization options, this is your chance to leave a lasting mark on the world of college basketball.


Key Features:

  • Execute game plans through a dynamic simulation engine, boasting an array of offensive and defensive strategies.

  • Recruit high school players to bolster your team, crafting compelling pitches to sway recruits and outmaneuver your rivals in recruiting battles.

  • Develop your players both during the season and off to align with your playing style and gain a competitive edge.

  • Level up your coaching skills.

  • Comprehensive stat tracking for every player and team.

  • Dive into team and league histories, past game results, awards, coaching careers, and records with just a click.


About Lunacien:

Hey, I’m Aaron. I’m a solo developer who has always dreamed of playing a new college hoops game with my family and friends, so I decided to make that dream become a reality by developing it myself. I’ve worked long and hard on this game, so I hope you enjoy it as much as I do!


Twitter: @AaronLunacien


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