Press release

Alpha Livestream Event Starts Tomorrow

3D Co-op Hack and Slash Action Game

LONDON, UK –May 7, 2021– Independent developers, Terahard, have announced that their beat’em up style co-op action game, BADA Space Station will be hosting a Livestream event starting tomorrow 8th May to 9th May 2021.
There will be over a hundred streamers kicking ass in the arena during those dates so be sure to check them out! The official streamer list can be found here: LIST
BADA Space Station is a 3rd Person, 1-4 Player Action, Arena game. Play as one of four extraordinary marketers, each with unique abilities, playstyles, expansive skill trees, and tons of personalisation options.
In BADA Space Station all the marketers are capable of dishing out extreme havoc alone, but together they are a force to be reckoned with. Become the embodiment of pure chaos in over 10 unique arenas. 
Channel your inner badass, advertise your extra-planar products to the masses and
Get the chance to see a peek of the earliest playable version of the game where you can assemble your elite sales-force, and tear down wave after wave of alien monstrosities in order to push the products of your sponsors to the masses!

  • 1-4 Player Online and Local Co-op
  • 4 Awesome, Badass Characters
  • 12 Unique Arenas
  • Over 50 customizable skills
  • More LOOT Than You Can Count
  • Tons of Replayability
BADA Space Station will be available on PC via Steam, Epic Store, Nintendo Switch, PS4, PS5, Xbox One, and the Xbox Series in Q4 2021.
If you are a fan of games like Serious Sam 4, Warframe, Left4Dead, Vermintide 2, and other similar games of the genre, we are confident that you will enjoy the alpha just as much as we did.