Press release

Alice's World Announced on Steam! Apocalyptic Puzzle Narrative Game with Meta Elements

Alice’s World, an apocalyptic puzzle narrative game, was recently announced to launch on Steam by STORIA Games, which previously developed well-received titles such as Nocturne and Food Girls.

In the game’s death-filled world, the girl Alice hears “Your” voice from the screen, and you must guider her forward, unravel mysteries, and reach the top of the tower.

Exploring this 2D side-scroller, you will guide the girl to escape monsters, solve puzzles, and finally find the exit from the crumbling dream world. The girl wakes up in desolation, with the only voice being "you" from the screen. You must guide her to find a way out.

The game features elements like puzzle and meta. Alice can hear the player's instructions. Playtime, inputs, and all actions will affect Alice's confidence in you, thereby developing different storylines. The developer hopes that such designs can break the distance of traditional role-playing games between the character and the player, and provide a stronger sense of immersion.

Alice’s World is expected to launch on Steam in 2024. It supports English, Chinese, and Japanese.