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Affordable Cat Unleashes Loggerhead Prologue Demo: A Retro Survival Horror Down Under

Loggerhead: A love letter to '90s PS1 horror gaming, set in Australia during the 1980s, complete with nods to the classic genre. Free demo available now on Steam and

Game Details:

Title: Loggerhead Prologue Demo

Genre: Survival Horror / Horror

Platform: PC Windows

Price: Free (Demo)

Brisbane, 21 November 2023 – Affordable Cat, a solo indie developer hailing from Brisbane, Australia, is somewhat thrilled to unveil the Loggerhead Prologue Demo, available now on Windows PC for Steam and

Set in 1985, just a year before the full game's events, players will experience the harrowing tale of Gary (Gazza) and Sharon (Shazza). Their innocent stop at the servo near the condemned Boggorogga Creek campsite spirals into a night of terror, regret and a quest to save more than just a few dollarydoos on a holiday.

The Loggerhead Prologue Demo beckons fans of the genre to navigate the low-fi VHS aesthetic, which is reminiscent of classic horror titles. With tank controls, fixed camera angles, limited resources, bad haircuts and cringe-worthy voice acting, players will choose between the two main characters, exploring, solving puzzles and facing off against ghoulish adversaries.

"When I started Loggerhead two years ago, the plan was to build towards the final game. However, a moment of indecision led me to release a demo first, ensuring fans like the direction. The demo invites player feedback, shaping the full version to honour the beloved horror genre”, says Chris Willis, the solo developer behind Affordable Cat.

Loggerhead fearlessly embraces Australia's 1980s cultural cringe, injecting humor and local references for both Australian and global players.

The Loggerhead Prologue Demo is a fusion of nostalgia and terror, offering a sneak peek into the horrors ahead.

Arm yourself with a cricket bat, crack open a tinnie of beer and brace yourself for the Loggerhead Demo – available now for free on PC via Steam and


Demo Trailer:

Game Details:


  • Classic Survival Horror, fixed camera angles, tank controls, limited resources and supplies, puzzles and combat

  • About 20-30 minute play time for the Demo

  • LoFi VHS aesthetic, low res textures in the style of an 80s B-movie on VHS

Affordable Cat (Chris Willis) is a solo game developer from Brisbane Australia. He launched his first game, Martha, a first person horror game on Steam in February 2021. He continues his foray into horror now working on his second title: Loggerhead.

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