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The acclaimed tactical RPG inspired by the best-selling board game will be adapted for new platforms by Saber Interactive

PARIS, France & FORT LAUDERDALE, Fla.May 19, 2022 – Embracer Group companies Asmodee Digital and Saber Interactive have announced a new partnership to bring the critically acclaimed tactical RPG Gloomhaven to video game consoles in 2023. Originally developed by Flaming Fowl Studios based on Isaac Childres’ award-winning board game, Gloomhaven has sold over 500k units throughout early access and its official launch on PC and Mac last year. The console editions of the game will be published by Asmodee Digital and developed by Saber.

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“We’re excited to bring Gloomhaven to new players around the world with Saber Interactive. Partnerships like this are one of the great advantages we have available to us now as part of Embracer Group, and we look forward to tapping into even more opportunities to deliver for our fans in the future,” said Pierre Ortolan, CEO at Asmodee Digital.

“Our partnership on Gloomhaven embodies the very reason we brought Asmodee into the Embracer family,” said Matthew Karch, Saber Interactive CEO and co-founder and Embracer board member. “Games are truly a transmedia experience, and it’s amazing to have the opportunity to collaborate with the world’s best board game makers to bring their IP to consoles. This is the first of many announcements of its kind to come.”

Set in a medieval dark fantasy universe, Gloomhaven is a tactical RPG mixing card-based strategy and adventurous dungeon crawling, featuring solo play and online co-op. Sell your sword to any who can afford it, and carve your way through dark caves, dreadful forests, and terrifying dungeons filled with horrific monsters to reap your rewards… or die trying.

Lead your band of mercenaries through an unforgiving world where every choice can have life or death consequences. Each of Gloomhaven’s 17 unique characters comes with their own skills and more than 1,000 different abilities to master. The digital version of Gloomhaven has continued to grow since launch with new content and updates, including the recently released “Jaws of the Lion” DLC.

Gloomhaven is currently available on Steam and for PC and Mac. For the latest updates, follow the digital game on Twitter, Facebook and Discord.

About Asmodee Digital

Asmodee Digital is an international publisher and distributor of video games, as well as a wholly owned subsidiary of the Asmodee Group, an Embracer operative group. Asmodee Digital manages the creation, design, publishing, and marketing of video games for Asmodee Group and third-party creators on PC (Steam, Epic), consoles (Nintendo Switch, Sony PlayStation, Microsoft Xbox), mobile and VR. Asmodee Digital aims at bringing passionate people together around memorable video gaming experiences. These include best-selling products with a board game DNA such as Gloomhaven, CATAN, Ticket to Ride, or The Lord of the Rings: Adventure Card Game. Asmodee Digital is also publishing Dark Envoy, the upcoming Guns N’ Sorcery RPG, along with exciting indies’ gems such as Ember Knights or Innchanted, with more yet to be announced.

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About Saber Interactive

An Embracer Group company headquartered in the U.S., Saber Interactive is a worldwide publisher and developer consisting of 22 studios in the Americas and Europe. Creating games for all major platforms based on original and licensed IPs, Saber’s titles include Warhammer 40,000: Space Marine 2, World War Z, SnowRunner, Evil Dead: The Game and A Quiet Place. Founded in 2001, Saber is known for two decades of development partnerships with AAA publishers, producing The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt for Nintendo Switch, Halo: The Master Chief Collection, Crysis Remastered, and many others.

About Flaming Fowl Studios

Flaming Fowl Studios is an independent game studio, rising from the ashes of the renowned Lionhead Studios and having previously worked on titles such as the original Fable trilogy. Our company goal is to build deep and interesting strategic experiences with fascinating twists and a healthy dose of humor. We also aim to include our fans and customers in the development process, and by working together, we hope to create something special.

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