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ANY EVER and Odeeo enter into an exclusive partnership on in-game audio marketing in Germany

Advertisers and agencies can now access Odeeo's inventory of in-game audio advertising with over 100 billion ad impressions per year exclusively through ANY EVER.

ANY EVER, in-game audio pioneer with passion, conducted research into the new audio channel as early as 2021, which has shown great potential for the gaming market. In addition, various advertising impact studies prove that these in-game advertising campaigns deliver best-in-class results. Already several large, well-known clients and agencies trust in this new audio channel. To build on this trust, ANY EVER is bringing Odeeo, the global in-game audio ad platform,  on board exclusively for Germany. Odeeo is a Tel Aviv-based technology provider that offers in-game advertising solutions to premium game publishers.. With Odeeo, ANY EVER is taking the next step in marketing and wants to establish in-game audio advertising sustainably for the German market.
With Odeeo's mobile gaming inventory, ANY EVER offers:

  • a new touchpoint for audio campaigns 
  • advanced targeting capabilities
  • Rewarded audio campaigns
  • brand safety through certified inventory
  • programmatic bookings

Andre Schnitzmeier, COO ANY EVER, said: "Casual gaming has arrived in all target groups. The gamers and situations are as versatile as the mobile games on offer. For the advertising market, this means high reach in almost all target groups with the decisive advantage of not interrupting users in what they are doing! In-game audio ads are played during gameplay based on the ad server. This is perfectly complemented by a non-interfering banner at the edge of the screen. Through this unique form of advertising, we achieve maximum attention combined with a positive perception of the brand, which has led to above-average click-through rates in all cases. If that's not enough for you, you can give gamers the gift of Rewarded Audio. Here, listening to the spot is rewarded with an extra life in game, for example. Last year, we proved with various cases that in-game audio is the perfect complement to the usual audio touchpoints. This year, we want to further expand the channel together with Odeeo. We are very happy to have found the perfect partner, which is also very popular with game publishers."
Amit Monheit, Co-Founder & CEO Odeeo, added: "With ANY EVER, we have a partner in the German market that brings just as much passion, joy, transparency and partnership for in-game audio advertising as us. We are very much looking forward to developing new target groups together with ANY EVER and expanding the audio market in Germany with the touchpoint in-game audio."
ANY EVER creates with joy and passion everything that has to do with sound, audio marketing and good communication. Intelligent idea development and implementation for radio, online audio & podcast, smart campaigns and in-game audio ads, including exact media selection to the finest sound productions. For big brands, strong medium-sized businesses and above all for satisfied customers. Always on the pulse of time, always at eye level.
The results of the various studies accompanying the campaign and some insights from the baseline study on in-game audio are available on ANY EVER's website at
About Odeeo: Odeeo is building the future of audio advertising. Founded in 2021 by a pair of ad tech veterans, Odeeo is creating solutions for publishers to unlock the fastest-growing segment of marketing spend, while empowering advertisers to reach mobile audiences at scale. Odeeo is based in Tel Aviv with a rapidly growing team across Europe and the US, and is backed by notable investors like Play Ventures and Heracles. Visit to learn more about how audio is revolutionizing in-app advertising.
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