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A necromantic ARPG adventure awaits on May 13th as Never Mourn prepares to unleash undead armies on Steam early access

Transform into a powerful battle  necromancer, wield a magical scythe, and build an army of the dead in Primal Seed’s eclectic action-RPG rogue-lite, coming to Early Access on May 13th

Bordeaux, France, April 30th —Developer Primal Seed has today announced the arrival of its action RPG Never Mourn, expertly mixed with rogue-lite elements, onto Steam Early Access and its participation in Steam’s ‘Endless Replayability’ Fest. Bestowing players the ability to raise enemies from the dead, Never Mourn will take them on a journey through the realms of life and the afterlife packed with unlockable spells, abilities, and strategic fighting styles. 


At the core of this deathly experience is an intuitive necromancy system that sees players wield the double-edged Staff of Equilibrium. Armed with this bringer of death (and life), Necromancers will get to work slaying the hostile forces that oppose them on a quest through the dark fantasy world that Never Mourn’s protagonist Irea inhabits. Each defeated foe can be reanimated and recruited into a growing legion of the dead at the player's command on this quest of resilience and resurrection. 


The ability to deny death itself is the greatest weapon in the necromancer’s arsenal, and Never Mourn makes thematic use of its rogue-lite elements to let players learn lessons from an untimely demise at the hands of their foes and bring themselves back to life, ready to fight once more. Life and death are not constraints but tools for a necromancer. 


“Today, we launched our first game, Never Mourn, into Early Access as a studio, so it is a huge and exciting milestone for us,” said Luca Miskic, Executive Producer at Primal Seed. “We have been working extremely hard with the support of Poysky Productions to create a challenging and exciting experience that will push the player’s limits as they command the undead, resurrect fallen foes, and build an unstoppable army to defy the very grip of death. We can't wait for everyone to dig into Never Mourn during Early Access and join us on the journey until its full launch at a later date.”


“We wanted to make a necromancer game that we couldn't find anywhere else; a game in which you revive the enemies as they were when you fought them, not just generic skeletons,” added Enrique Pons del Rey, Creative Director at Primal Seed.  “If you want a fresh take on necromancy in action and rogue-lites, then you should definitely check out Never Mourn, now that  it’s in Early Access!”


The Book of the Undead:

  • Switch between life and death and determine the fate of your enemies once you have defeated them, either banishing them from the mortal realm for eternity or recruiting them into your legion of the damned.

  • Unleash the powerful ‘Staff of Equilibrium on your foes,’ or play a support role and command your recently reanimated minions to do your bidding with a multitude of spells and abilities to perfect your preferred playstyle.

  • Experience a dark narrative in an immersive fantasy world weaving in themes of loss, revenge, and resurrection. The burden of being a battle necromancer is a heavy one. 


Never Mourn will be available on Steam Early Access for $14.99 from May 13th. To stay up to date with the latest Never Mourn news, follow Primal Seed on X and join the Discord.


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About Primal Seed

Primal Seed is an independent game development studio based in Bordeaux. Founded in 2016 by Enrique Pons Del Rey, its primary focus is creating engaging and immersive games that the team of five is passionate about. Primal Seed is a team of friends who share the same goal of working collaboratively to develop exciting games while having fun in the process. 


About Poysky Productions

Poysky Productions is a veteran video game publisher with over 15 years of experience crafting hit titles like "Regions of Ruin" and "Travellers Rest." Led by Alexander Poysky, a renowned figure in the indie scene, Poysky Productions champions collaboration and empowers developers to bring their creative visions to life. Alexander's expertise and commitment have fostered a supportive environment where innovation thrives, making Poysky Productions a respected name in indie game development.