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Lesquin, May 31 2023NACON and Passtech Games are proud to present the first major update of Ravenswatch. A first for a roguelite, there is the option of solo or cooperative mode with up to 4 players, in a world inspired by well-known folk tales and legends from around the world. On top of a new playable character, this update also brings significant additions such as a second ultimate technique for each hero, as well as improvements to game balance and playability.

Check out the trailer for the new update: PEGI UK | ESRB

Two months after its early access release, Ravenswatch has already amassed more than 200,000 players! The studio has made sure to listen to this powerful community in developing this new version of the game. For players eager to embark on the adventure, Ravenswatch is currently available with a 10% promotion on Steam.

A content-packed update

In this update, Geppetto becomes the seventh fallen hero to join Ravenswatch, along with his puppets. Originating from the famous Pinocchio story, the mad inventor is part melee fighter and part ranged hero. With his ability to summon puppet henchmen to fight for him, this character offers particularly innovative gameplay.

The other Ravenswatch heroes have not been left out. The added features include a new second ultimate skill for them all, just like Geppetto, to expand the list of game techniques available. This addition increases replayability, as well as the possible gameplay options for the same character.

In terms of both game balance and playability, there are other improvements enhancing the experience offered by Ravenswatch. The teleportation system is now less restrictive, and additional dubbing has been added to each hero’s reaction list, to enhance the feeling of immersion. Finally, Ravenswatch has undergone a general rebalance, to ensure the adventure remains as challenging as ever.


Tales and legends are rebelling in Ravenswatch

  • An exciting roguelite that can be played solo or in co-op with up to four players
  • Art design inspired by Dark Comic Books and rousing music
  • Procedurally generated environments and meta-progression for increased replay value
  • Multiple synergies to be discovered between the different heroes
  • A wide variety of upgrades and magical items to unlock and an extensive bestiary of enemies
  • Every run is a complete RPG experience with quests, missions, bosses, caves to explore and loot to upgrade your character and weaken the Nightmare. When it releases in 2024, Ravenswatch will have 10 playable characters and 3 corrupted regions to explore
  • 10 difficulty levels await the bravest players

Ravenswatch is in Early Access now on Steam, which includes seven playable heroes and the first chapter. Ravenswatch will be updated regularly with three new heroes and the two following chapters added before its official release in 2024 on PC, PlayStation®5, PlayStation®4 Xbox Series X|S, Xbox One and Nintendo Switch.

Download all of the game assets here
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