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4399 Invites Players to Experience a New Age of Strategy with Era of Conquest

Free to Play RTS will launch Closed Beta Test in July

China / June 24, 2022 - Publisher 4399 is inviting players around the world to join them in an all-new era of strategy. Era of Conquest is a cross-platform strategy epic for fans of 4x and RTS titles.  Previously a massive hit in mainland China where it reached #1 on the download charts (and was featured several times on the front page of the Apple App Store), Era of Conquest will be having its global debut on Steam/PC, iOS, and Android later this year. Players can get in on the action early by registering for the Closed Beta Test starting in mid-July.

Era of Conquest offers a culturally rich strategy experience where players build and rule an empire as an all-powerful leader. Follow the epic story of a group of fallen lords from different civilizations hoping to regain their former glory on the battlefield. Through summoning historical legends, gathering special corps, and forming partnerships, the lords must strengthen the power of their clans to expand their territory. Choose from diverse civilizations including Britain, German, France, Rome, Japan, China, Viking, and more. New players begin their journey in the fog of the inner city, giving them the chance to get comfortable and learn skills without being ambushed by enemies.

When battles commence in Era of Conquest, online players can control their troops, while the offline troops can also march and attack automatically, giving greater player flexibility. Experience real-time battles on a grand scale, as sieges can feature up to 6,000 troops on the same screen. There’s no limit as players from all around the world can fight with each other in the same server. Players can build fortresses and command posts in key areas to protect their territory and gain advantages in combat. Work within the alliance to protect each other and define strategy to fight back against enemies.

In Era of Conquest, players cannot purchase resources that help advance in the game. Smart strategy and careful decision making are the only ways to claim success on the battlefield. Players don’t need to pay in money or resources for troops, rather they can be replenished over time. Also after winning PvP battles, players will be rewarded with conscription boxes that can help accelerate conscription in the game.

Ready to claim your place on the battlefield? Era of Conquest will be launching a closed beta test in mid-July before it launches later this year on PC and mobile platforms. For updates check out the game's Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, and Discord!


  • Cross-platform 4x strategy epic where players can rule empires and customize heroes 
  • Choose from one of 10 culturally and historically significant empires to rule, including Roman, Viking, French, Arab, Britain and more
  • Play anywhere in the world with global servers and 19 available languages 
  • Customizable gaming experience with multiple modes and ways to play 
  • Explore a large map abundant with resources and challenges 
  • Combine unique teams of fearless heroes from history 
  • Conscription doesn’t consume any resources or money 
  • Equality for all players, resources can only be earned through gameplay, not purchased 
  • Enhance strategy with extra features such as heroes, skills, special arms, scrolls, and more!

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About 4399 

4399 is a game studio whose businesses range from game development and releases to platform operations. 4399 employs a team of over 2,000 people, who together have produced over 30 popular, high selling mobile games across the world and own the biggest mini-game platform in mainland China. Their latest game, Era of Conquest, reached the top of the download charts in mainland China.


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