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‘22 Racing Series' Debuts Major Modding and Graphics Update Today Alongside Plans for Future Content

MELBOURNE – 22 Jan. 202422 Racing Series, the racing playground set in the 22nd century from the AAA veteran team at developer GOATi Entertainment, shifts up a gear with a major track builder update and graphics enhancements, including Intel’s XeSS upscaling technology, today in Early Access on Windows PC via Steam and Pavillion, Oculus, and HTC Vive, with plans to launch on PlayStation 5|4, Xbox Series X|S, Nintendo Switch in the not-so-distant future.

The new ‘anything goes’ racing ecosystem, RaceHub will add additional modding features, tracks, and vehicles in Q1 2024. Three groovy game modes will join the fun with deeply integrated Synthwave, Darkwave and Art Pop music in the brand new “Flow - Syn x Vertue” in Q4 2024.

Enter a world of hyperspeed in the first future physics racer (FPR) set on a climate change-ravaged Earth 100 years into the future. Put the pedal to the metal and race above mach 1 with full physics simulation, customize your own future racing vehicle, and find your competitive edge on sci-fi tracks and terrains set in real-world locations.

Level up to a smoother, more streamlined gameplay experience with support from Intel’s XeSS Super Sampling technology. Utilizing the latest in AI-enhanced upscaling, racers can simultaneously achieve higher resolutions and higher FPS, giving them the most realistic and responsive racing experience possible.

RaceHub, the world’s first open racing ecosystem, will enable users to create anything from future, to sim, through arcade and party racing, with suite of mod-centric tools for builders, racers, and broadcasters. 
Featuring vehicles from global manufacturers such as Citroën, DS Automobiles, MG and Austin-Healey, and skins including tech giant Intel, racers have even more ways to tear up the track and leave their rivals in the dust. All available to be driven on real-world, future, and player-built tracks, and with completely customizable race rules, the opportunities for unique racing challenges are endless.

For the collectors and restorers, RaceHub adds vintage barn-find discoveries that can be restored part by part, have their engines rebuilt, bodywork restored, and interiors reupholstered, either staying true to classic designs, or customized to suit a players own taste. With all vehicles including immutable and traceable owner histories and odometers that affect gameplay, and unique license plates that can be customized and claimed, RaceHub has something for future, sim and vintage racers alike.

The Synthwave game mode “Flow - Syn x Vertue” will focus on arcade, co-op and party game modes. Enter a state of endless chill with Flow, the classic arcade gameplay perfect for single players. Drive to survive with Syn, featuring eliminations with a ghostly twist, and Capture the Streaker royale modes. Hit the road with Vertue, utilizing creative game design and accessible peripheral design to curate a collection of experiences perfect for co-op party play.

“Regardless of your racing style or vehicle preference, there’s plenty to keep racers, creators, and everyone in between enjoying racing in its purest form,” said Garth Midgley, Managing and Creative Director of GOATi Entertainment. “We are proud to create a true next-gen racing experience that gives all racers creative freedom, and most importantly have fun!”

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