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stillalive studios reveals its first subsidiary in Finland

Innsbruck, May 20th, 2021 - stillalive studios is proud to reveal the foundation of its first subsidiary: stillalive studios finland. Operating under instruction from stillalive’s headquarters in Innsbruck, Austria, the new studio will be supporting the developer’s core projects. 

The new studio will be based in the Finnish city of Turku, the country’s oldest city and a longstanding centre of game development in the region. The subsidiary opened its doors on March 1st, 2021, running under the radar whilst the initial setup was completed but is now ready for full public operation. stillalive studios finland has launched with an experienced core staff but plans to increase headcount gradually to bring itself to full strength. The studio is inviting enquiries from interested parties - more details are available on the studio website

The move represents significant growth for stillalive, which has seen considerable with its long-running fan favorite series Bus Simulator. Company founder and CEO Julian Mautner released the following statement regarding this news, as well as future expansion for the studio:

"I am very excited about the opening of our first international subsidiary! Having co-developed with Finnish teams within the RCP Family in the past, I know how much skill and passion the region develops and I look forward to contributing to the continued growth of the country’s games industry. We can’t wait to make that talent and attitude a part of stillalive!"  
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About stillalive studios:
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