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VRKiwi signs a publishing deal for Operation Serpens VR game

VRKiwi signs a publishing deal for Operation Serpens VR game – PSVR porting ongoing

Finnish VR game publisher VRKiwi and Ginra Tech, the creator of Operation Serpens game, have signed a publishing deal to develop and market the game. Operation Serpens (henceforth Op Serpens) is a fast-paced VR action shooter that conveys an atmosphere resembling classic action movies, where usually a small team or a single operator is up against an army of bad guys. It’s one of the highest-rated shooters on SideQuest and Oculus App Lab, and currently being ported to PSVR. Op Serpens is a solo dev’s art of work.

The player is an operator in a special operations unit formed to stop the evil Snakes Organization. The player completes missions in various environments to track down the key people of the Snakes Organization. Being a spec op, there are many guns, grenades, and gear according to a given scenario. Guns blazing loud, sniper rifle for long range, suppressed pistol for a stealthy approach, or a bullet shield for durability. In some missions, there is also drone support. Flashbangs come with a slowing time effect, perfect when the situation gets hectic.

The story mode can be completed as a single player or in a co-op group of up to four players. Each mission brings something new into play as operators face masses of enemies, minibosses, and the main bosses to neutralize the Snakes Organization head. The game also got a separate zombies survival horde mode.

Op Serpens is currently available on Oculus App Lab OPERATION SERPENS on Oculus Quest and on Steam OPERATION SERPENS on Steam.