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Spook up your Halloween with the launch for Humans Took My Neighbors on Kickstarter this October31st!

Reynosa, Mexico – October29th ,2020 - Heron Games is getting ready for their  Kickstarter launch week this Saturday 31st that will have access to the a downloadable  demo on .

Humans took my neighbors is a 2D top down action game inspired by classics like Zombies Ate My Neighbors, you’ll go through the neighborhoods saving as many monsters as you can,  fighting humans ready to take every monster they see, and as you progress through the levels perhaps find the cause for this invasion and stop the madness.

“Our goal for this game is to create a single player and co-op experience reminiscent of games of yesteryear with modern sensibilities, and an original setting flipping the usual monsters are bad guys around”. - Carlos Garza, Heron Games.

Here is a short clip introducing the game:

Heron Games is a Mexican independent game developer of desktop and mobile games that consists of Carlos as artist ,programmer and PR person, and for this game we have Carf Darko of film theory fame as our games composer, since our founding in 2017 we have published two titles, visit us on line at:
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Name: Carlos Garza.
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