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South Pole Bebop, a turn-based strategy game, coming to the Taipei Game Show 2024

Sentience Game Studio, led by CEO Hyeyon Kwon, is showcasing their first indie multiplayer game, South Pole Bebop, at the Taipei Game Show.

Sentience Game Studio is an indie game studio that’s developed South Pole Bebop. It is a subsidiary of Sentience which provides TentuPlay, a LiveOps AI solution for the gaming business.

South Pole Bebop is a turn-based strategy multiplayer and single-player PvPvE game with a chess-like element heavily inspired by Into The Breach. The game is played on a nine-by-nine board, where two players compete against each other while defending their bases from zombies. The objective of the game is to either destroy the opponent's bases or eliminate all of their characters. Each player must choose three characters from three different classes: melee, artillery, and range. Every character has unique abilities that can be used against the opponent's characters, bases, and zombies. Zombies that spawn on the board will attack both players, which can lead to the destruction of their bases and characters. Throughout the game, players can level up their characters by successfully applying various strategies.

The game is currently undergoing several upgrades that will be included in the upcoming 0.10 version update. This update is set to be released shortly after the Taipei Game Show. Players can look forward to various changes, such as an "aggro" system, improved base upgrades, new UI, enhanced AI, additional character upgrade cards, skins, and a deck of cards. Hyeyon Kwon, the CEO, when describing South Pole Bebop, stated: "We started game development with the idea of making games we love. If you are interested in keywords such as "turn-based strategy", "multiplayer" and "brain fight" I recommend competing with users from all over the world through South Pole Bebop.".

The Taipei Game Show will be held in Taipei City, Taiwan from January 25th to January 28th. Gamers and game developers from all backgrounds are welcome to attend.

Visitors can try South Pole Bebop at booth S35 in the Indie House, have a grasp of the game, and meet the Sentience Game Studio CEO, Hyeyon Kwon.

The demo for South Pole Bebop is now available on Steam. Follow the game's social media accounts to stay updated on new content and updates.