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For Immediate Release: 02/14/2023

New York, New York – VoxPop Games, Inc., a new peer-to-peer games distribution & development platform, is pleased to announce that gaming industry veteran Douglas Kennedy joined the board as its Executive Chairman. In this role, Kennedy will share his life-long passion for entrepreneurship, his strong indie game network and proven leadership to the innovative VoxPop platform.

“Doug’s deep experience working with a plethora of successful indie games, helping them find the resources they need to be successful while focusing on their creative, passion projects is invaluable to our budding platform,” stated Charles Yu, Founder and CEO of VoxPop Games. “Profit sharing agreements used to be common for indie game studios, but they are a logistical nightmare. Financial trust issues, accounting issues – how do you know the developer will pay you what you’re owed? VoxPop automates that process, and with our next title Outer Terror, we’ll prove we can do it regardless of point of sale – Steam, Epic, Itch, or wherever else.”
Douglas Kennedy Executive Chairman for VoxPop Games 
In March 2023 VoxPop will launch “Outer Terrorthe first test case game for the company’s new middleware toolset which allows game developers to use equity in their games as an advanced resource for both team profit-sharing and launch marketing. A roguelike, multiplayer 2.5D shoot’em up, Outer Terror will mark the first time that multiple stakeholders – including the developer, artists, and voice actors –will be paid directly through the VoxPop platform.
Outer Terror will be the first test case game for the VoxPop platform 
Mr. Kennedy is currently a co-founder of Studio Wildcard, the studio behind the smash hit, ARK: Survival Evolved, which has sold more than 35 million copies worldwide. Studio Wildcard’s mission is to bring AAA-quality to indie titles created for core gamers.  Kennedy has led the talent casting for ARK: The Animated Series show coming in 2023 and the developer is currently working on its highly anticipated sequel, ARK II. While Studio Wildcard is arguably the peak of Mr. Kennedy’s gaming career, thus far, in years past he had also co-founded Reverb Communications, inspiring the PR agency’s indie publishing initiative Reverb TripleXP, and Interactive Gaming Ventures, which aims to fund indie game studios.

“I am honored to join the VoxPop team. I already saw the need for a service like this when I was getting Studio Wildcard off the ground and we were implementing employee profit sharing,” said Kennedy. “I think it’s proof that not just indie, but enterprise customers alike will want this service. Charles and his co-founder Marc Rodriguez have built a very impressive games platform in only a couple years. I already told them: this is the best video game idea I’ve ever heard that isn’t a video game.”
The company had a humble first closing on the fund and is ready to gear up to raising a larger final closing alongside its new equity fundraising campaign.  For more information about VoxPop and its platform, please visit

Watch this video to see how VoxPop works: 
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About VoxPop Games
VoxPop, is a game distribution and development platform, and aims to develop middleware tools which allow developers to use revenue shares in their game as an asset. VoxPop primarily caters to independent developers who may struggle with payroll or marketing costs. Developers can promise a share of their profits to those who recommend their games, allowing them to drive their own affiliate marketing campaigns. Influencers can generate their own user affiliate link which can go anywhere a Patreon or Ko-Fi might. Developers can also use Profit-Sharing to find collaborators to help them develop the game. Shares can be used to bring in contractors who will be paid in dividends once the product reaches the market. VoxPop aims to disrupt the gaming market by creating systems for smaller content creators to prop up one another.