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Leap Trigger Kickstarter Exceeds Goal in 32 Hours

Novel AR hero shooter game aims to define the genre with its unique PvP battle style featuring champions and buddies.

TOKYO, Japan – December 21, 2020 – Leap Trigger, the world's first AR hero shooter game, today announced that its Kickstarter campaign has surpassed its crowdfunding goal in just 32 hours. It is now on track to hit its next stretch goals, which includes the development of new heroes and monsters in future game updates.
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Toshiaki Morimoto, CEO of Graffity, said: “Creating a unique and impressive AR shooter experience has always been a key motivator for us, and the success of this campaign so far is really a thrill. Our fans will truly be helping us shape the future of Leap Trigger and make it the genre-defining game that it will become. Additionally, we anticipate that people will continue to spend most of their time at home during the coronavirus pandemic through next year and will want to find ways to connect with their friends and stay active. We're building Leap Trigger so that you’ll be able to play games with friends and have fun while moving around at home. We’re confident that audiences are eager for this experience and our Kickstarter backers are a testament to this."
Our Stretch Goals:
Graffity is offering six levels of stretch goals in its Kickstarter campaign. Each time a goal is completed, a new champion and buddy will be added in the first and second major updates.
A new champion will be added in the second major update, which will result in the following total number of new buddies and champions in each update.
In the first 32 hours, the first goal, “COOPERATION,” was achieved. Graffity will be adding a new champion in the second major update, which will result in the following total number of NEW buddies and champions in each update.

The next goal, “ALLIANCE“, will be unlocked when funding reaches $10,000. Please continue to support us in our endeavor to create a new game genre, “AR Hero Shooter”!

Leap Trigger’s Key Features:

  • AR Shooter Game with a Unique Twist: Become a champion with unique abilities and fight alongside three buddies, including a mystical monster and a man-made drone.
  • A Game that Makes it Fun to Move: Use your body to avoid the opponent's bullets and hit opponents with ultimate skills from advantageous positions.
  • Multiplayer Action In-Person and Online: Expand your battlefield at home, in the park or at school and show 'em what you're made of!
  • Stack Your Deck and Fight Strategically: Build your deck with one champion and three buddies to start the battle. There are three types of roles that buddies can take on: striker, defender and jammer, each of which has unique strengths and weaknesses. Understand the play style of your opponent and summon buddies that will support you the most. 
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About Graffity Inc.
Graffity Inc. is a Tokyo-based augmented reality game company founded in 2017 with the mission of “Play AR Play Real”, which means to change communication through AR entertainment. The company is tenured in AR development, having launched four AR communication apps in two years, including the world's first AR battle, Pechabato, which achieved 160K downloads organically. Graffity has raised $2.7 million from investors and is currently developing a new AR hero shooter game called Leap Trigger that will make AR gaming even more fun and engaging. For more information, visit