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“Into the Radius VR” - October Update

Have you already been to the abnormally empty but intriguing zone, called Radius? Did you get a chance to feel the chills of this horrific place where life and death go hand in hand? No need to be scared, though! This world is just our fantasy, which we invite you to join with the help of a VR helmet. Well, you must have at least some survival skills, right?
Even if 2020 has been merciful to you, we offer you to immerse yourself in the nerve-racking experience, delivered by the October update of the VR shooter “Into the Radius”.
New game mode
Shooting range is the highlight of the update which will add hours of gameplay and help practice your aiming skills. It allows you to test all the weapons already open in the game with unlimited ammunition. Play minigames and save results to improve on them later!
Extended arsenal
Within the open hardcore world, players get to choose from the broad arsenal of realistic weapons, which becomes more diverse with each update. In particular, with the latest update, the Saiga hunting shotgun, the M4A1 carbine, the AUG army rifle, and the Groza selective-fire bullpup assault rifle were introduced.
More goodies...
Among other improvements:

  • a wide range of the new scopes (laser designator for pistols, holographic sight, 4x sight for NATO weapons); 
  • new additional devices (silencer, grenade launcher, flashlight); 
  • mini-games with the ability to use weapons from the main game; 
  • half-accelerated level loading.
We plan to release updates monthly and make players happy with the new weapons, features, quality fixes. The game is currently available on Steam, Oculus Store, Viveport and Humble stores.
A tiny bit about us
“Into the Radius” is created by a 6-person team at Creative Mobile Studio (CM Games), which specializes in creating VR games with an emphasis on immersion, ambiance, and exploration.
If you need more information or a key to better familiarize yourself with the game, feel free to contact us 24/7.
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