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Good Smile Company and NextNinja announce the start of the global

Pre-registration for Touhou Lost Word, their mobile game based on the Touhou Project series!


Good Smile Company and NextNinja, will be bringing their mobile RPG Touhou Lost Word to fans around the world in English, and to celebrate the announcement, they will be starting a pre-registration award campaign.
Touhou Lost Word saw its Japanese release in April of 2020, receiving overwhelming praise from fans of the Touhou Project series which the game itself is based upon.
Along with the announcement of Touhou Lost Word’s Global edition, comes the official launch of their homepage and social media accounts. All of which you can sign up for to take part in the pre-registration rewards.

A daily retweet & share campaign will also be held to celebrate Touhou Lost Word’s global announcement. Retweet on the official Touhou Lost Word Twitter, or Share on the official Touhou Lost Word Facebook for a chance to win a $50 Amazon Gift Card, every day.
In further celebration of the announcement of Touhou Lost Word’s global edition, we will be releasing Reimu Hakurei and Marisa Kirisame’s character illustrations. If you would like to see more characters that will be appearing in Touhou Lost Word, make sure to check out the official website!

Game Application Details
Title   Touhou Lost Word
Genre   RPG
Publisher   GOOD SMILE COMPANY, Inc.
Developer   NextNinja Co., Ltd.
OS   iOS / Android
Official Site   
Official Twitter   
Official Facebook
Official YouTube   
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Good Smile Company, Inc.
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Since our founding, our mission at Good Smile Company has been to support creators and bring Japanese pop culture to the world whilst stimulating the figure industry as a whole. Presently, while continuing to plan exceptional figures and plastic models such as the Nendoroid series, we've also enhanced our manufacturing teams and factories and made many business partners within the animation industry. Following the establishment of new locations in the USA and China, we're working to spread each area's pop culture throughout the world, Japan included. Good Smile Company strives to expand our figure, anime and game operations as well as our support services in order to bring the hard work of creators to as many people as possible for as long as possible.
NextNinja Co., Ltd.
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Company Name:    NextNinja Co., Ltd.
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Office Location:    Nishi-Gotanda 8 Chome Building 9F, 8-3-16 Nishi-Gotanda, Shinagawa-ku, Tokyo
Established:    July 2009
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Game Planning, Development, and Management
NextNinja is a company that strives to make games with our own two hands, and deliver those games to the world through the same two hands.
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Name:   NextNinja Co., Ltd.
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