Press release

Announcing Haven Virtual Concert by Danger on March 20th

The concert  is part of a celebration week dedicated to Haven's community, the game is also on sale for the first time.

Montpellier, France - March 16th, 2021 - Danger, The Game Bakers and G4F Records are announcing Danger’s virtual concert that will take place on Saturday March 20th. The concert is the culmination point of a celebration week dedicated to Haven's community, with several Q&A, a fan art contest & more. It's also the first time that the game will be discounted, 20% off.
At a time when everyone has been deprived way too long of the energy of concerts and musical events Danger, The Game Bakers and G4F Records have teamed up to propose a free virtual concert to celebrate music and connect game and music fans around the world. The unique virtual concert, entirely designed by artist and musician Danger will last about 15 minutes and feature tracks from The Game Baker’s games Haven and Furi original soundtracks as well as from the Origins album, around a virtual stage set in the artist's mysterious universe.
This is a tribute to all the video game characters whom I grew up with. Haven characters have welcomed me into their world, now it is my turn to welcome them into mine...” says Danger.
The concert will take place Saturday, March 20th at 23 h CET / 3 PM PT and will be hosted on partner Twitch channels from across the world to be revealed here in the coming days:
Haven Community Week is starting today and will feature an exclusive Q&A from Danger on Discord, a Q&A with the dev team, a fan art contest and more surprises and announcements. The full program is here.
Haven is available 20% off on PC and Nintendo Switch from today and tomorrow on XBOX Series and One and PlayStation 4 and 5.
For more information or to learn more about Haven visit the press kit at: or our website:
Over the years, Danger has outgrown his status as just an artist to become a global phenomenon, navigating between the world of music and the world of graphic design and video games. In keeping an anonymous stage persona since the start of his career and never revealing his identity, Danger has constructed a dark and mysterious universe that contributes to the spectacular nature of his music. After his albums “太鼓” and “Origins,” he returns to the limelight with the Haven soundtrack.
The Game Bakers is an independent game studio that strives to bring players experiences that will be remembered long after the game is finished. The studio is based in France, but the team works from distance with collaborators around the world. Their track record outside of Haven includes frenzied bossfight game Furi, underwater tactical RPG Squids Odyssey and mobile brawler Combo Crew.

G4F Records is a label specializing in music for video games, film , animation and more. It publishes, promotes and distributes original video game soundtracks on physical media (Vinyl, CD) and digitally on Bandcamp and it's online store. G4F records seeks to develop video game music and bring it to a wider audience.