Photo-based Tabletop Shooter, Light Speed: Arena, Available Now on Kickstarter

Choose your faction, play your spaceships, and snap a single picture to watch lasers fly

9th May, Austria - Tablescope has officially launched their Kickstarter campaign for Light Speed: Arena, the photo-assisted tabletop shooter. Starting today, players can back the unique, fast-paced game for 1-4 pilots that merges physical tiles and a companion app to bring to life space battles. Players command a fleet of ships armed with powerful lasers to take down the other teams, and collect valuable asteroid minerals to determine who rules the arena.

Offering four playable factions, each with their own unique special abilities and unique laser targeting array, Light Speed: Arena encourages players to discover all their strengths to outwit and outmanoeuvre opponents in an exhilarating space battle. Once prepared, players place their tiles, snap a picture and watch the battle unfold: no maths, no measuring, just fun.

Backers can get their hands on Light Speed: Arena starting with the €25 pledge level, granting them the base game pieces and the Snap&Score companion app required to play. For players wanting to expand the game even further, the Rising Star and Ace pledge levels include additional factions, and the ability to increase the number of players in the game to 5 or 6.

If it’s all too technically advanced, and you’re more of a pen and paper kind of player, the Nostalgic Ace rewards have you covered with an additional Analog Downgrade. This tongue-in-cheek add-on includes rules, rubber bands, and over 100+ tokens so that you can play without the app if that’s really what you want.
The campaign for Light Speed: Arena is available now on Kickstarter. For more information you can also visit the official website for Light: Speed Arena.

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About Tablescope
Tablescope develops and leverages computer vision technology to empower tabletop game designers and publishers. The company was founded by Leonardo Alese, PhD in mathematics and organiser of the coolest game nights in Graz, and Emanuele Santellani, PhD student in computer vision and maker from the age of 5.
Tablescope develops cutting-edge computer vision technology with a focus on reliability and deploys it in the design of the games published by the company itself and in projects by other publishers. We push the boundaries of game design and tabletop entertainment to offer novel and unforgettable analog experiences.