Nine Dragons Service Launches Successfully with New Official Partner

Would-be kung fu masters invited to explore historic China and earn the title of Dragon.

Vancouver – Nine Dragons, the venerable MMORPG themed around martial arts fantasy, is now available and free to play globally, with publisher Papaya Play already looking ahead to new content additions and game enhancements, as well as multiple in-game events.
Nine Dragons is a fantastic re-telling of Chinese history, circa the Ming Dynasty period, and focuses on six feuding martial arts clans. From Shaolin monks to Wu-Tang warriors, and more, many characters, locations, and stories are drawn from history, and spun around engaging gameplay into an original tale.
Developed by Korean studio Joongwon Games, Nine Dragons celebrated its sixteenth year of operations in 2021, and plans to close out another strong year with a content update. The Quingdao region will be introduced, as well as the Companion system, which features a cast of NPC characters for players to befriend, equip, and fight alongside.
The first month after launch will ensure that the game’s many existing systems are working correctly, such as the weekly OX Quiz and Black & White PvP skirmishes, and the competitive StormVsStorm battles. Additional PvP events are being developed, too.
One of the game’s most unique features, StormVsStorm pits two Hero Bands against one another, to see which side can conquer an enemy fortress the fastest. The winners are entitled to a portion of all cash spent in the game for the next week, and additional rewards are planned in order to further raise the stakes and heighten interest.
Hero Bands may also declare war upon a Hero Band of an opposing clan, with both target and instigator capable of recruiting additional bands to aid them. These Hero Wars last for one week, during which members of each side may hunt and battle each other in the world, without the game’s usual PvP penalties. All members of the more successful side gain temporary combat bonuses and display titles to mark their victory, and additional participation bonuses are in the works.
In addition to the planned PvP events, June will feature regular Golden Time boosts to experience and treasure gains, as well as Attendance Bonuses which provide rewards for every hour spent logged in. Players can also enhance their game experience via the Item Mall purchases such as the Yellow Dragon’s Treasure Chest, which can potentially include powerful Dusk Kylin weapons, and endgame accessories such as Dragon Banners. More sale items will be added, based on player feedback on the game’s social media channels.
The official site, Facebook Page, and DISCORD channel are the best places to keep up-to-date on all news Nine Dragons related:
Official Site: https://9dragons.papayaplay.com/9dragons.do
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/NineDragonsOfficial/
DISCORD channel: https://discord.gg/ninedragons
About Papaya Play:
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